Favorite Christian Songs – Playlist

Over the last 10 years, the quality of Christian Music is a vast improvement over where it had been.  There are so many great bands and artists now that wear the Christian Music label.

Many of the songs could be and should be played on mainstream radio, but sadly will not.  There are so many different musical styles and Christian Music has them all pop, rock, metal, singer/songwriter, hip-hop, dance and indie.

As I get older, the Christian Music genre gets to be more important in my life and tends to hold more meaning for me.  I follow bands out of this genre just as passionately as I do any other type of music.  If I like it, I am going to listen to it…it doesn’t matter what style or message the music might be expressing.

Below are my favorite songs by Christian artists:

Sanctus Real – “Lead Me” – This song is so powerful and the lyrics are so moving.  I listen to it and I want to be a better man.

Shawn McDonald – “The Space Between Us” – I love this song as it can be applied to either a relationship that has grown apart or how your relationship with God can grow apart. Sometimes you need to work on building both.

Scott Stapp – “Only One” – If you don’t think Scott Stapp isn’t a Christian artist, go listen to his last album “Proof of Life”.  The song is about no matter how bad life gets, God is there for you.  I hope he listens to his own song and gets better.  We need more music.

7eventh Time Down – “Just Say Jesus” – The title says it all.  I remember putting this song on repeat and listening to it the entire drive home from work.  I felt pretty great afterwards.

The Afters – “Light Up the Sky” – Sometimes you just need a reminder that He is watching over you.

Jordan Feliz – “The River” – I did a little piece on him recently, so I hate to repeat myself.  However, I am going to repeat myself.  This song is unbelievable and I fell in love with it the minute I heard.  Hopefully you will as well.

Jeremy Camp – “He Knows” – I have so many songs I love by Jeremy Camp, so it was hard to pick my favorite.  The message on this one is too good to not pick it as my favorite.

Tait – “God Can You Hear Me” – When things aren’t going well, it is easy to question whether or not God is actually paying attention.  At those times you need to call out and ask for his presence.

Chris Tomlin – “I Will Follow” – My whole family loves this song.  Sing it loudly and proudly and remember He is the way.

Matthew West – “Strong Enough” – This is another song about reaching out for His help when you are at rock bottom.  I feel it takes a strong person to ask for help.

There are so many more songs I could include on this list.  I hope you find this list enjoyable and maybe you can get something out of it.

Let me know what Christian songs or artists are your favorite.



2 thoughts on “Favorite Christian Songs – Playlist

  1. I really love hymns and music that is a little folksy – my favorite Christian artists are Sandra McCracken and Ellie Holcomb – Ellie aslo plays with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, which is another great band that is not necessarily “Christian” along the veins of Needtobreathe


    1. Love Needtobreathe. I believe Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors opened for them on at least one tour. I will check them out and Sandra and Ellie. Hymns I like but don’t listen to regularly. Thanks for the input.


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