Jordan Feliz – The River – Album Review – 100%

I really didn’t think I would give another 100% on a review so soon after my last one, but here it is.  As I mentioned in an earlier piece, I discovered Jordan Feliz by his album cover.  Every now and then, I will listen to an artist based on their album cover, band name or even album name.  What a pleasant surprise he was.

The album I clicked on was “Beloved” which contained 4 songs that are on “The River”. Immediately in listening to the album, I was already a fan based on those 4 songs.  Now, came the moment of truth if I would like the other songs.  The verdict is in and I am a fan of the entire album.

Jordan is labeled a Christian singer as his songs are inspirational and deliver a positive & powerful message.  However, the talent in his songwriting skills and the production value of the songs both lend to music that could be played on mainstream pop/rock radio.

Jordan Feliz started out in a heavy metal band called A Current Affair but changed gears when he became a worship leader.  He eventually moved to Nashville to pursue a solo career and here we are with “The River”.

I label Jordan Feliz as a singer/songwriter with a little James Bay / John Mayer sound on most of the songs.  The songs go from uptempo to a little slower with piano and acoustic guitar mixed in for variety.

Track Listing:

“Carry Your Troubles (intro)” – Nice mono sounding intro that plays like you are listening to an old vinyl record.

“The River”Keeper –  This is the song that started it all for me with Jordan Feliz.  It is an unbelievably great song.  Please request it on the mainstream radio stations, I would love to see this song go huge on the radio.

“Never Too Far Gone”Keeper – Another brilliant song by Jordan.  This song would sound right at home on the radio.  It is a mid-tempo piece that delivers a chorus and a sound that you instantly connect with and shake your head while listening. Plus the message is strong and everyone should remember that you are “never too far gone” to be saved.

“Best of Me” Keeper –  Jordan keeps the pace up with another fast-paced song and strong drum beat.  These 1st three songs are definite radio hits.  As I was driving down the road singing this one, I am sure people thought I was insane.

“Beloved”Keeper –  “Beloved” was the title song off his first album that is being repeated here which is perfectly fine as it was one of the better songs.  You can’t help but sing this one out loud.  This is one of two songs I want my kids to listen to and really listen to the message.  I want them to understand that not only is God there for them but there parents are as well.

“Simple”Keeper – The third of four songs from his first album.  Another great message about it really being how “simple” it is to believe that the cross can save you.

“Cheer You On”Keeper – I mentioned how “Beloved” was one of two songs that I wanted my kids to really listen to the lyrics, “Cheer You On” is the other one.  I will always be there to cheer them on no matter what they do or trouble they find themselves.  For that, I love this song for such a positive message.

“Your Great Hands” – Keeper – I know it gets old me saying what a great message this song has or that song has, but it is why I think his songs are so good.  They all have great, meaningful lyrics.  They are catchy and memorable and that is why I look for in a song.  He writes another great song here.

“Live It Out” – Keeper – This song really hits you at the chorus.  When it kicks in you instantly want to jump up and down with the beat.  At least that is how I picture it would look like at his concert if he played this song.  He should keep the chorus going during the live show and the crowd will go nuts.

“How Long” – Keeper –  “How Long” would be his first ballad and it took me a few listens to really connect with it.  The more times I listened to it, the better the song got.  I like the addition of the piano on this song and the slower pace was a nice change.

“Satisfied” – Keeper –  The final of the four songs from his first album.  It is another ballad with a piano.  Very powerful lyrics and a beautiful song.  My only take away is I don’t know if I would have put the song as the last one on the album.  I think it would have been better suited earlier in the album to break up the more mid-tempo and up-tempo songs.

10 keepers out 10 songs – 100% (5 out 5 stars).  Jordan Feliz is a breath of fresh air in the music business.  His songs are perfectly crafted to deliver a memorable song with strong messages.  I love the whole vibe he has created and hope he is around for a long time.  I don’t think you will be disappointed at all if you took a chance on this record.  It will be one of my favorites at year-end for sure.

Check out Jordan Feliz on Facebook or Twitter.

Take a listen and tell me what you think.  Let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I say.


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