My Favorite Guitars


I have always wanted to learn to play a guitar.  I tried when I was a kid, but I have two big problems. One, I have zero patience and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t great right away.  Two, I am tone deaf and couldn’t tell you a D flat from an A sharp.

So instead, I just listen to a lot of great guitar players and sit in awe of their incredible talent.  I also have a dream of collecting autograph guitars, but I have another problem with that…MONEY!!  Or lack thereof.

If I had all the money in the world, these are the guitars I would go after.



Van Halen – Frankenstrat – Who is not familiar with this iconic guitar?  This could be one of the most recognizable guitars ever made.  You see it, you know that is Van Halen.  A copy of it is even in the National Museum of American History.  This was the guitar from 1979 and their first album.  He has made many different versions of with this look, but if you are going to grab it, get the original.


Gene Simmons – Axe Bass – When I was a kid and first saw this on the video for Creatures of the Night, I was an awe.  A Bass guitar shaped as an axe, it was so cool.  I have to have it in my collection.  It was originally designed back in 1978, but for some reason I don’t remember it until the early 80’s.

Phil Collen - Bela 2

Phil Collen – Jackson Dinky ’86 “Bela” – I am a huge Def Leppard fan so I have to have one of their guitars.  It was between this one and Phil’s 1980 Ibanez Destroyer.  I thought this one was a little more unique.  It has a picture of Bela Lugosi on it.  There is a copy of this sitting in a coffin in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


Randy Rhodes – Polka Dot Flying V – Every collection has to have a flying V guitar and if you are going to have one, it must be the most famous one from Randy Rhodes. I can only imagine what all he could have done with this thing if his life wasn’t cut so short.  He was such an incredible talent.


Zakk Wylde – “Bullseye” Gibson Les Paul – Another Ozzy alum like Rhodes.  Zakk’s inspiration for the guitar was from a poster in Veritgo, but it came out like a bullseye.  Well, it worked.


Paul McCartney – Hofner Bass – I know, another bass.  But this one is too amazing not have.  A guitar from the Beatles.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  I guitar shaped like a violin is so original and too unique not to have.


B.B. King – Lucille – If you could only get your hands on the original B.B. King Lucille that he played, that would be amazing.  The song “Lucille” is about that guitar and it is such a cool story on how it got it’s name.  In 1980, Gibson launched the Lucille model.


Prince – Cloud Guitar – I will take this in any color – white, yellow or blue – it doesn’t matter which color he played.  Prince was such an amazing guitarists, I just want to own one of his guitars.


Angus Young – Jaydee SG – This is another one of those guitars when I see one, I know who plays it.  AC/DC wouldn’t be the same without Angus playing his this amazing instrument.


Bo Diddley – “Twang Machine” Gretsch – This cigarbox guitar is so unusual, but had a great sound and would look wonderful on my wall beside all these others.  How could I not want this one.

I would love guitars by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai but I could not decide on just one.  They play so many different ones, but they have the same body design.  With that being said, I would take anyone of their guitars.


Joe Satriani – Ibanez JSBDG Guitar


Steve Vai – Ibanez Steve Vai JEM

For most unusual, I would have to grab the following set of guitars from Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick.



And maybe I  would pick up this double neck guitar from Michael Angelo Batio.


Lastly, this extremely bizarre guitar from Pat Metheny


I could go on and on about what famous guitars I would get and I know there are a bunch that are not on this list. Let me know what I missed and what guitars you would have to have in your collection.


23 thoughts on “My Favorite Guitars

  1. I saw that Rick Neilson guitar in concert years ago. CT opened for Pearl Jam (it was supposed to be Iggy Pop but he wasn’t allowed over the border, so CT filled in). PJ kept saying there was gonna be a special guest later on, and it turned out to be that guitar. I think it was Mike McCready played it for one song.

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      1. Yeah me too, seeing them on a good night in the 70s would have been amazing. This PJ show, though, it was… 1998? I think. Something like that… It was a cool gig, 6 bands on two stages. Small stage was All Systems Go (formerly Doughboys), Hayden, Matthew Good Band and Cracker. Then the main stage was CT (supposed to be Iggy) and PJ. It was a long day, but a great one.

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