Def Leppard – ‘On Through the Night’- My High School Fascination

I am not sure what my fascination was with this album in High School.  The album had already been out for 3 or 4 years and ‘Pyromania’ was the big album at the time.  For some strange reason, I kept using things from that album for school projects.

One project was for art.  I needed a subject matter for a drawing, so I picked the album cover of ‘On Through the Night’ to draw.  I spent a lot of time on it and I think I did a pretty good rendition of the cover.  I am not an artist, but I tried.  I don’t know if I could do it again though.

See for yourself:


I used the vinyl album cover as my reference and drew these squares on the cover and proportionately added the same # of squares to the paper used for the drawing.  Those poor little lines are still on the album cover.  You might have to zoom in or squint to see them.

I found a couple other pictures I drew in art class.  Another Def Leppard and one Night Ranger.  Both logo pictures.  I get dizzy looking at them now.


The other time I used something from the album was for English class.  We needed to pick a poem or song and then describe what the song means plus discuss any symbolism in the piece.  I don’t know if I was on drugs (which I wasn’t) or I thought it would make me look cool if I did a rock song.  Since I don’t do drugs, I think I thought it would make me look cool so I picked the rock song.

I chose the song ‘Wasted’ from this album.  I will post the lyrics to the song so you can see this was not a good choice.  There was no symbolism.  The song was about wasting your life away and doing drugs, plain & simple.  It was a horrible paper & presentation.  When I played the song in class, I knew at that exact moment what an idiot I was.  I think the teacher had sympathy for me as she was kind enough to give me a ‘C’ on something that clearly deserved an ‘F’.


Well I’ve been lying awake all night just thinking of you
But a bottle of whiskey lies heavy obstructing my view
I’ve got a bottle of pills to give me my thrills
And I know that I’m leading a life that kills

Wasted – I’ve wasted my time
Wasted – I’m shooting a line
Wasted – I’m out of my brain
Wasted – I’m going insane

And I’ve been meaning to call, I’ve been wanting to phone
You see I don’t like the thought of leaving you here alone
Well I’ve seen things down here that aren’t fit for a queen
I’ve seen things down here that should never be seen

Wasted – I’ve wasted my money
Wasted – I’ve wasted you honey
Wasted – I’m stuck in a hole
Wasted – I’m losing control

I’m running in thin air
There’s nothingness everywhere
I’ve gotta get out, oh won’t you help me?
I’ve gotta get out, oh won’t you help me?
I’ve gotta get out, oh won’t you help me get out?

I thought I saw you just the other day
But it couldn’t be you ‘cos you had nothing to say
‘He’s going away’, they told all my friends
Well now I’ll be stuck in here til the misery ends

Wasted – I’ve wasted my time
Wasted – I’m shooting a line
Wasted – I’m out of my head
Wasted – I wish I was dead

And here are a couple more pictures of the album, if you care to see them.

Okay, that is enough about my Def Leppard ramblings.  Maybe my obsession will die down one day, but I seriously doubt it.

12 thoughts on “Def Leppard – ‘On Through the Night’- My High School Fascination

  1. Small world! I had a friend in class who drew a similar Leppard truck drawing — yours is better though! I seem to remember a guy had the Leppard truck on the back of his jean jacket too. Everybody thought it was a brilliant cover even if DL themselves don’t care for it!

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  2. Nice drawing of the On Thorough TheNight cover! U cannot beat the first 4 Lep albums! That Nightranger one is wild! Kinda funny as when i was walking the dog last night a live version of Rumours In The Air came on my iPod……great track

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      1. Yeah they sure did! The ballad as we know buried them as they tried to follow that pattern on the next album…..
        By Brad Gillis playing with Ozzy is the reason why I checked out Nightranger..

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  3. Yes!!!!! We did Leppard’s On Through the Night, Maiden’s Eddie from Killers, and Billy Thorpe’s Children of the Sun for art class when we used pastels-on-velvet (felt?). That’s it. One of those three. Well, the guys did. The girls did Steve Miller’s Book of Dreams with the Pegasus or the horsehead from Miller’s Greatest Hits. What a riot. The whole wall filled with those five pictures.

    As for this album: I always thought the cover kinda sucked. It’s great concept art. Me? I’d would have rented an 18-wheel flat bed and set the band up on it and drove down the road. And that would have carried over into a video. But a truck in space? Eh, could have been better as a live-action shot with a large, fake guitar under a tarp (an easy set design). Maybe for the front cover, the band is all piled up in the cab, hogging for the wheel. But no matter, this album and High and Dry . . . spun in my room all the time, then, the cassette copies in the car. And I got to see them open for Ozzy. Rock n’ Roll Heaven!!

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