Friday New Releases – November 18th

Wow!! Some huge releases today!  I can’t wait to get into some of these. I hope there is something for you as well.  Sixx:A.M., Metallica, Bruno and Miranda are doing it for me today.  Here is to some great listening pleasure.  My favorites are highlighted in Blue.

  • cover170x170-45  Sixx:A.M. – Prayers for the Blessed Vol. 2 – (Eleven Seven Music):  Volume 1 was released earlier this year and was OUTSTANDING!!!  I have extreme high hopes for this one as well and since they have never diappointed, I expect to be blown away…AGAIN!!  Could they end up with 2 albums in my Top 10 albums of the year…wait and see.

  • 51iCjOdvPoL._AC_US200_  Metallica – Hardwired…To Self-Destruct – (Blackened Recordings):  Metallica is back heavier and louder than ever.  I was a little disappointed in their last release so I am hoping they return with some of their old magic.    If the song, “Hardwired” is any indication, we might just see some more greatness.

  • cover170x170-34  Bruno Mars – 24K Magic – (Atlantic):  To change things up completely from the first two on the list, we have Bruno.  Pure Pop Pleasure!  I have been enjoying the first single, “24K Magic”, and can’t wait to hear the rest.

  • cover170x170-54  Miranda Lambert – The Weight of These Wings – (Vanner Records):  Miranda Lambert is the best thing to hit Country Music in who knows how long. She is the whole package – beauty, voice and a rebel.  Every album brings us more brilliance and I can never get enough.

  • cover170x170-42  Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons – Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons E.P. – (UDR Gmbh):  I love the song “Big Mouth”, it is right up my alley.  Phil Campbell from Motorhead is back with a band that consists of 3 of his sons and vocalist Neil Starr.  It is only an E.P., but hope it turns into a full album.

  • 516cfvoyhql-_ac_us160_  Faith Hill – Deep Tracks – (Warner Bros)
  • cover170x170-48  Disturbed – Disturbed: Live at Red Rocks – (Reprise Records)
  • cover170x170-69  Tramps – Tramps E.P. – (Digitally Sound Records)
  • cover170x170-56  Lamb of God – The Duke E.P. – (Epic Records)
  • cover170x170-49  Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – A Little Something More From – (Bottleneck Music)
  • 51l5b3kng2l-_ac_us160_  Tobymac – Hits Deep Live – (Forefront Records)
  • 61hgewi8ral-_ac_us160_  Outlaws – Legacy Live – (Steamhammer)
  • cover170x170-23  DNCE – DNCE – (Republic Records)
  • cover170x170-44  Little Mix – Glory Days (Deluxe Concert Film Edition) – (Simco Ltd)
  • cover170x170-36  Bridget Mendler – Nemesis E.P. – (Black Box)
  • 51gq7im2sl-_ac_us160_  Tori Amos – Boys of Pele – (Atlantic)
  • 51tu4ccxyvl-_ac_us160_  Pink Martini – Je Dis Oui! – (Heinz Records)
  • cover170x170-19  Justice – Woman – (Genesis)
  • cover170x170-67  Celtic Woman – Voices of Angels – (Celtic Woman LTD)

13 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – November 18th

  1. Too bad I’m skint right now, I’ll pick up the ‘tallica LP in a week or so – I was a fan of Death Magnetic though. Out of all of these though the Nathaniel Rateliff one is the one I’m most excited about – great band.

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          1. Having two small kids here (and a house to run, and jobs to work), I know very well that uninterrupted time doesn’t happen often. But it’s possible!

            The secret is simple: wait til the kids are in bed, and the lovely wife is doing something that interests her. Then make a preemptive bathroom break, set yourself up with a few pints beside the stereo, drop on the good headphones and don’t move til you’ve heard every last note. Granted, these circumstances don’t all align very often, but when they do? Perfection. Metallica deserves nothing less. \m/ 🙂 \m/

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