Friday New Releases – December 16th

Happy Friday.  This is the last Friday New Release update of the year.  The next two weeks might have some new releases but nothing on my radar.

This week’s list is very limited as well. The only one worth writing home about is the 40th Anniversary of Rush’s classic album 2112.  Outside of that I might listen to the Bon Jovi live album (won’t buy it) and I will always listen to anything Tony Bennett.  See if there is anything you are interested in hearing.

  • cover170x170-13  Rush – 2112 (40th Anniversary) – (Mercury Records):  Hard to believe it has been 40 years since this album came out. Amazing.  And I am getting old.  It will be great to go back and listen to this amazing classic.  If you have 20 minutes to kill, check out the video.

  • 170x170bb-19  Bon Jovi – This House Is Not For Sale (Live from the London Palladium) – (Captain Kidd Corp.):  Not sure I understand the concept of releasing alive album a little over a month after your latest studio album.  But then again, not sure I understand Bon Jovi anymore.  The new album is rough at best (see review here).  I will give it a listen, but probably won’t be buying as I mentioned earlier.

  • cover170x170-1  Tony Bennett – Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 – (Columbia): Tony Bennett is a legend and I can’t believe he is 90 and still going strong.  He is the essence of cool and pure class.  Happy Birthday Mr. Bennett!!

  • 170x170bb-15  Kid Cudi – Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ – (Republic Records)
  • 170x170bb-7  Armored Saint – Carpe Noctum (Live) – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 61bayoc822l-_ac_us160_  Puscifer – Money Shot Your Re Load – (Puscifer Entertainment)
  • 61dchp2q7l-_ac_us160_  Brad Paisley – Life Amplified World Tour: Live from WVU – (City Drive Films)

5 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – December 16th

  1. I’ve complained about buying Rush again merely 2 years after the surround sound edition. Boooo!

    As for BJ I think they did something similar with Lost Highway. I have a live version of the whole album.

    New BJ has 19 songs in total across the Walmart and Japanese editions. Maybe less is more.

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    1. 19!! I had no idea. I hadn’t rushed out to get all the versions as I am tiring of them. I also didn’t realize Rush has done that either. They are all just grabbing what money they can I guess.


  2. Yeah I seen this on iTunes today. Even though i’m a sucker for live releases i still can’t listen to it….if it was something from the Keep The Faith Tour ..Yup count me in..but nowadays….nope …

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