Kiss – Special Kiss Album For Their Summer Tour (1976)

In the further adventures of my box full of vinyl, there was yet another Kiss collectible included that I cherish deeply.  It was a 33 1/3 Vinyl Single in support of their tour for the 1976 Destroyer Tour.  I believe the album was released to radio stations for promo and not available for resale.  I actually know it was not available for resale because it says it on the Label of the album.

The album jacket actually says “Not For Resale”, but has been removed from my cover…very strange. The person that removed it was very careful and didn’t cut fully through the front cover…see below.


The promo album only had four cuts from the Destroyer Album.  The album still plays great with only a few little pops here and there, but they just add to the charm.  Rather than retype the songs, I will give you another picture of the back of the album cover.


It is my understanding that this was the first promotional issued by Casablanca.  I don’t know how to verify that, but I will continue to believe it.  Another interesting fact is the label on the vinyl is the Kiss “Bicentennial Theme” and is the only time in KISStory that it has been used (again, I think that is the case).  This Bob Ezrin produced promo is truly amazing even though I already have every song on it in so many different formats.



This is one I am proud to have in my collection and will enjoy it for years to come.  I really am amazed it hasn’t been damaged after all these years sitting in a box.  I hope you enjoyed the little tale of this album.

15 thoughts on “Kiss – Special Kiss Album For Their Summer Tour (1976)

  1. Sweet album bro! This actually makes me nostalgic, because right now I’m in the process of moving with my parents, and the town I’m moving away from is the EXACT same hometown as Kiss. I always thought it was cool to have grown up in the same town as Kiss.

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