Kiss – ‘The Originals’ (1976)

In my big box of vinyl there was one more special Kiss album.  You have already seen the “Flaming Youth” 45 Single and the special Summer Tour Edition album and you can revisit those anytime you would like.  Now I bring you the ‘The Originals’.

‘The Originals’, as noted on the album cover, are “the albums that touched off a Rock & Roll explosion.”  It was a special edition re-release of the albums ‘Kiss’, ‘Hotter Than Hell’ and “Dressed to Kill” in one package.  With the overwhelming success of the live album ‘Kiss Alive!’, Casablanca Records wanted to take advantage of that success and re-release the albums in one glorious package.

The album comes with a 16-page history booklet, a color Kiss Army sticker, and a sheet of six trading cards.  It looks something like this…


Mine, however, looks nothing like that.  I do not have the 16-page history booklet, a color Kiss Army Sticker or a sheet of six trading cards.  Mine looks like this…don’t you love the album rings on the cover!!

The paper sleeves holding each album are actually duplicates of the original album covers which is cool.  One problem, mine are not.  Mine look something like this…



I was curious as to why this version was so very different.  There are many possible reasons.  First, my brothers were really crappy at taking care of their albums and they lost everything and then tried to get creative with the album sleeves (which looks like something I could have done at 8 years old).  Or the other possibility is that this was a promotional copy and didn’t have all the nice to have items.

The correct answer is probably a little of both, but it actually is a promotional copy of the set which was not for sale.  I know this because on each album, a black marker has scratched over the phrase “promotional copy not for resale”.  And the album jacket has the corner sliced off.


All three of the Kiss special albums I have talked about on this site have been promotional copies.  I find that interesting and I need to get to the bottom of why my brother had all these promotional copies.  I don’t think he worked for a radio station.

Here are the all the albums included…(you can plainly see the black markers on each side).  I guess if you cover up the phrase “promotional copy not for resale” then you can actually sell them…good to know.




The whole package isn’t in great condition and isn’t even close to being complete, but the albums do play and for me that is all that matters.  There was one little bonus when I opened the album jacket to pull out the albums, a copy of ‘KISS’ was actually included but no album sleeve or cover.  So, this set gave me two copies of the first, original album.


Sadly, I want an original Kiss album with the actual album cover and I will get one along with Dressed to Kill.  I already have a copy of Hotter Than Hell.


I know, I have a problem…my wife tells me that all the time…but she still loves me…


8 thoughts on “Kiss – ‘The Originals’ (1976)

  1. John….this is a real cool post! I first seen the Originals and KISS for the first time back in 1977 at my pal John’s place….That crazy cover hooked me and the packaging inside as well! I never scored this pkg at all and Now that I think of it I cannot believe Demon and Starchild have not reissued this bit of they come across this post watch out John they may do it…
    I enjoyed this read…way to go!

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  2. Interesting item dude! My copy is similar to yours in one way — it’s missing all the goodies and inserts. However mine is NOT a promo, and even though it’s got the slice in the corner, I think yours is way more interesting. You can find copies like mine everywhere — incomplete, a little beat up. I’ve never seen a promo copy that I can think of. Sweet one dude.

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