Tuesday’s Memes – Nickelback

We made it through another Monday and now we need a reason to laugh.  This week, I am focusing on Nickelback.  Why?  Because why not…Chad Kroeger won’t shut the f#$# up and his little spat with Corey Taylor is almost comical and completely sad.  And that spat is so bad that when I listened to Stone Sour’s new album I thought it sucked as bad as Nickelback’s new one.  Everyone gives Nickelback a hard time and every time Chad opens his mouth, I know why.

So, I am going to poke fun at the them as well…Enjoy and have a great rest of the week.







And the Canadian Police makes prisoners listen to their music!!




And lastly, we will let Nickelback sum it all up for us…


15 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Nickelback

  1. Haha! I love that Dr. Evil one, but the Dave Grohl tweet made me chuckle. Is that real?… Dave Grohl… creator of dull mainstream music having a go at creators of dull mainstream music. My hero.

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  2. To give them credit – I remember hearing him interviewed once and he said, ‘nickelback doesn’t suck, nickelback is very good at what they do.’
    WHich I thought had merit – but based on the last tweet, it look like he’s changed his stance!

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