Chester Bennington – R.I.P. (Singer for Linkin Park)

Another shocking death this week.  First David Z on Saturday, and now Chester Bennington from Linkin Park has died.  Apparently the cause of death is hanging by suicide which is completely tragic to me.  He has battled addiction in the past and apparently had many more demons.

My wife told me that she read that Chester was really good friends with Chris Cornell and today would have been Chris’ Birthday.  Chester even went out the same way as Chris Cornell which makes this death even sadder.

I have followed the band since the beginning and this death saddens me greatly.  I loved when Chester did some work with Stone Temple Pilots and hated he left that side project, but still glad Linkin Park was still going strong.  They were schedule to come here to Charlotte in August and I hate to think that won’t happen now.

The band had recently released a new album while receiving a lot of criticism from fans for the change in their sound.  Chester was very outspoken about the bands new direction and whole-heartedly stood behind that change.  I recently reviewed the new Linkin Park album and agreed with the fans as the change was a little too drastic for me although there were a few really good songs on the album.

I will leave with one of my favorite Linkin Park songs called “Numb”.  Rest in Peace Chester Bennington!!

photo by: Stefan Brending / , via Wikimedia Commons

20 thoughts on “Chester Bennington – R.I.P. (Singer for Linkin Park)

  1. Wow. I loved Linkin Park’s first two albums growing up and even Minutes to Midnight I liked parts of, and then sort of fell out of favor with them. I really liked when he started doing stuff with STP and thought there was great chemistry there. This is insane, I really can’t believe it. I’m in as much shock as when Chris Cornell died. R.I.P.

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  2. It is so sad how all of the groups that we loved as youngsters are losing members. I was quite upset when I heard that Chris Connell of Soundgarden had passed away. I absolutely loved Blackhole Sun. It is such a unique song from both a composition and performance perspective.

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  3. Was never a fan, but was pretty shocked by this news. I can’t begin to imagine where someone’s head is at during when contemplating something like this… tragic.

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  4. Now everyone is quiet about the change in music, of course. I didn’t agree with the band with every choice they made but I was always along for the ride. Sometimes they put out stellar music and that’s what mattered. The loss of Chester is so tragic and I can’t even believe it (still).
    If you want to check it out, I have a tribute piece up as well.

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