Tuesday’s Memes – Bon Jovi

Happy Tuesday!  I think it is time for a little Bon Jovi.  Whether you like them or not, they are an amazing rock band…ok…were an amazing rock band.  I don’t know what the shit is they are doing now.  Despite the decline in quality (and sales), I still love Bon Jovi…ok..the Bon Jovi with Richie Sambora!!

Here are some memes to hopefully brighten your day after a crappy Monday.

Let me start it off with one about Richie leaving the band (and I love how they misspelled cocain”e”).


At least with early Bon Jovi, I feel this way…


And let’s do some on the lyrics…

My favorite…what an idiot!!


No, not my yearbook picture!!


Why did the chicken cross the road…


One more for Livin’ on a Prayer…


And just for fun…


Parlez-vous français ?


And you have to make fun of Jon Bon just a little…


I figured I would end with a little Flair…Ric Flair that is…we are praying for you sir!!


Have a great rest of week!!

18 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Bon Jovi

  1. Yeah. “Were”. Get rid of Shanks ffs, Jon, and give Richie a call.
    I like to imagine that, in a parallel universe somewhere, they took a bit more time off between each record, came back with new, fresh ideas and sounded like something other than a tinny, crappy parody of themselves. I read an interview with Alec John Such not long after he was given the boot and he said that JB was too focused on writing a ‘hit’ rather than a good song. Man, it shows, they’re at a real cross roads now. These days when I hear their new stuff my ears hurt and I need something for the pain….
    Richie and the pope arrive at the gates of heaven at the same time out of coincidence. St Peter sends Richie to heaven and the pope to hell. But on the next day, he realises he made a mistake, and put them in the wrong places. So they have to change places with each other. In the middle of the way, they meet each other. The pope says: “Hey Richie, tell me, how is heaven? I am so exited and I am so looking forward to meet the holy virgin Mary!” Richie laughs and answers him:”holy virgin Mary? I am sorry, you are too late…”

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  2. Haha! That tattoo is too good. I mind seeing an episode of Miami Ink when the guy asked for a tattoo of a phrase (maybe Italian?) or something, but he got the spelling wrong. Ouch. Not half as bad as It’s is, right enough!


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