Tuesday’s Memes – Katy Perry

It is time to make you laugh, make you smile or make you mad…either way…I am good.  We made it through Monday, now we need some laughs.  This week we focus on an easy target, Katy Perry.  Love her or hate her, she will make you at least feel one these things. And she was absolutely horrible hosting the VMAs on Sunday!!!!  It wasn’t all her fault, the writing was plain awful.

My family has loved her for years.  My two girls enjoyed her last few album and my wife and oldest daughter were going to go see her in concert in September.  She has since cancelled her show in Charlotte and she claims it was a scheduling conflict, but if that was the case wouldn’t you just reschedule the show??  We think it was poor ticket sales.

Now on to the memes…

For the featured image, I love how they did “you’re move”…people are freakin’ idiots.  So he is saying “you are move Katy Perry”…makes no sense.

Let’s start off with a couple about her songs…


My obligatory cat picture


I figured I would mention the Super Bowl appearance, but I can’t bring myself to show one of the Left Shark…


I would say I will actually go with Will Ferrell on this one.


Great shot of Lady Gaga!!

Now, let’s focus on the best part of Katy Perry…(my wife is going to kill me on this section, but it will be worth it).




Now, I love Elmo!!


But, this next one ruins it all for me…


Lastly, I was talking to Taylor Swift the other day and she asked I do this meme (not really!!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.29.48 PM

That is all…have a great rest of week!!

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