Tuesday’s Memes – Guns ‘N Roses

Wow!!  That Monday wasn’t half bad since it was a Holiday and NO WORK!!  Regardless, it is time for a few smiles and laughs.  This week the theme is Guns ‘N Roses.  With the band on tour and Axl in AC/DC as well, I figured that they should get their turn in the spotlight.  I hope you enjoy!

I have to say there were a lot out there about Axl’s weight so I had to pick one and I used that as the feature picture.  But to start it off, I had to go with this!!


I hear the concerts are expensive, but if they came to Charlotte, I just might pay it…


This never happened in the early days.  Hell, even I got to experience a show where Axl jumps off the stage and gets in a fight and is arrested.  That show ended early.


This was a great one from last year during the election…


And enough of about their touring, on to the songs…and here is the obligatory Cat pic to start it off…




I have to do one on Chinese Democracy…


And lastly, here is to the man in the hat…Slash!!!



Have a great rest of week!!!  Oh, before you go I have a bonus one for Slash…


23 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Guns ‘N Roses

  1. So many songs about love and only one where someone is welcoming someone else to a jungle.

    Now he’s getting on a bit though I’ll bet this reunion tour is causing Axl some grief with his back and his sha na na na na knees knees

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      1. You know I read an interview with Dave Grohl recently and he said of that when he saw Axl using it was the first time he’d seen and even thought about how it would be from an audience perspective and that, in hindsight, it was a bloody ridiculous idea.

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