Tuesday’s Memes – AC/DC

Welcome back to Tuesday’s memes.  Since last week we honored Guns ‘N Roses and Axl has been singing with AC/DC as well why not do this one on AC/DC.  So, sit back and have a smile to get your day going.  Enjoy AC/DC’s memes.

Ok, I am going to be insensitive for a minute to Brian Johnson’s hearing problem…sorry (not sorry!)


And of course I have to do one on their new singer…


I am not saying they are old…but…




Enough about Angus…how about some intelligent memes…


That was the only intelligent one I could find.  Now, I have actually wondered about this next one myself…okay not really but it would be cool if they did this.


Is this next one culturally insensitive??  If so, too bad.  Political correctness sucks sometimes.


The Original Wrecking Ball…


I remember hearing all this crap when I was a kid…didn’t believe a word of it.


I have to do a bonus one this week as well. I can’t forget to have one with a Cat in it (don’t ask me why).


Have a great remaining week!!

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