Tuesday’s Memes – Aerosmith

I was listening to Aerosmith the other day and thought they would make a great topic for a collection of Tuesday’s Memes.  And there are plenty of memes to choose from.  I hope there is something in here that will brighten your day or at least make you smile for a few minutes.  Enjoy and have a great remainder of the week.

We are going to do a lot on their songs and/or lyrics since there are so many memes on their songs…

Starting off with this badass hawk…


What…The Beatles wrote “Come Together”…


I thought this one fit quite nicely with what I was doing…


This is just creepy and what cats really do (plus I have to have a cat meme)…


One more before Dude Looks Like a Lady gets picked on..


The next two are for Dude Looks Like a Lady…


I almost thought it was Caitlyn Jenner!


And Steven Tyler always has had a way with words.


And for you Star Wars fans…I kinda see it…


Lastly, you can’t forget Joe!!!


I hope you enjoyed!  Until next time…

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