Tom Petty dies at 66…R.I.P.

Numb!  That is what I feel.  With the reports this morning on the Las Vegas shooting and the death of 58 concert goers and now the death of another true legend in the music business, Tom Petty.

According to reports, Tom Petty suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday, October 1st and was taken to the hospital.  Monday, he was pulled off life support and from all reports is not expected to recover.  Although he hasn’t officially passed as of this writing, I feel it is a matter of time and thus I will continue on with my tribute.

Tom Petty has lead a very long and fruitful career.  Starting with his first band Mudcrutch, to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, to the Traveling Wilburys to his solo career and so much more.  I grew up listening to Petty and watching their videos on MTV.  I remember the sci-fi/Max Max feel to the video for “You Got Lucky” to the Alice in Wonderland inspired “Don’t Come Around No More”.

The quiet man from Florida brought to us a catalog of music that will live on forever.  My favorite being ‘Full Moon Fever’.  What I will remember most about Petty is that he is who he says he is.  He never was anything else but true to himself and his art.  It saddens me to think another great one is gone for two reasons…1) no more new music and 2) selfishly, it means I am getting old.

I watched the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers documentary last year called ‘Runnin’ Down a Dream’ (it actually came out in 2008). It was worth watching as you get great insight into the band and into the man himself.  It was great to see what inspired him and drove him to where he ended up. I think I will watch it again one more time in his memory.  There will be a lot of Petty music played over the next couple weeks. I hope you play some to and remember the talent that was Tom Petty.

Here the videos for the two songs I mentioned above…


picture by By Davidwbaker [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

17 thoughts on “Tom Petty dies at 66…R.I.P.

  1. I was so sad when my husband told me from the road that he heard Tom had died. You Got Lucky was one of my favorites, and Long After Dark was my favorite album. Like you, I suspect it is only a matter of time before he passes He will be missed and he is gone way too young.

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      1. The security will be massive at every music festival from now on. But I don’t know how you prepare or protect from the kind of scenario we saw last night? I have so many questions, and no rational answers. It seems any congregation of people, for any type of event, is a potential target. Scary. Makes me have second thoughts about attending and/or having my family at any crowded event. We have season football tickets to my alma mater, and there’s 55,000 people in one spot. I friggin’ hate that we have to think of shit like this every time we go out to something. Sad.

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        1. Agreed. Last night was completely unstoppable as I am sure no one thought someone would shoot from a hotel floor down the road. The outdoor shows/ events make me a little nervous. I am more comfortable in enclosed arenas, but when it is your time, it is your time regardless. I won’t stop going, but I will think a little before my whole family goes somewhere.

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  2. Tom Petty’s death has hit me harder than many others did. I loved his music from day one, and as you allude to, he was always a totally decent, no drama artist who also happened to be an amazing talent. Throughout his career, he gave a lot of his time and creative support to other artists and collaborated with them whenever possible (Stevie Nicks & Traveling Wilburys to name but a few).

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