Tuesday’s Memes – Whitesnake

For this week’s Tuesday Memes, I thought I would celebrate Whitesnake.  They released their 30th Anniversary of their 1987 self-titled album ‘Whitesnake’.  And YES!! I have it!! I love this album and still love this band so why not poke a little fun at them and laugh with them.  I hope you enjoy and have a great remainder of the week.

Is Whitesnake a racist band?  These people think so…



And the sequel to Snake on a Plane has finally been announced (this is an oldie but a goodie)


I remember when my wife and I had to explain this to our daughter as well…oh the good times…


I wonder what Tawny Kitaen is up to now???


What about their songs…



Okay, this one made me laugh…


Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise…


I asked David if he approved of my posting all these Whitesnake Memes…I don’t think he does…


And lastly,  Can you name this song????


Happy Tuesday!!


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