Tuesday’s Memes – Led Zeppelin

YES!!!  It is time for the Led Zeppelin Memes!!  I figured I would keep it old school since I just did The Rolling Stones last week.  No matter how bad your day might be going, a little Zeppelin will always make it better.  Sit back and enjoy!!

What is that makes their songs so damn sexy??




And can you name all the themes behind Led Zeppelin songs?  I found this handy dandy chart to help…


And how cool are these guys??



And some just for the fun…




And I can’t forget the cat meme…


I hope you enjoyed today’s memes.  Have a great week!!!

14 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Led Zeppelin

  1. Very good. For a moment I thought someone had photoshopped Frodo’s face into the “simply walked…” one but it’s just Jimmy.

    I haven’t got any jokes about Led Zep because I love them so much. In fact, my wife came in with tears in her eyes this morning, saying she prayed and prayed that I would end my obsession with Led Zeppelin.
    I told her, “Crying won’t help ya. Praying won’t do you no good.”

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