Tuesday’s Memes – Queen

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to this week’s memes.  We are tackling the band Queen this week and why not!  Queen is so worthy of getting this treatment.  So if you week has started off pretty crappy, maybe this will cheer you up a little.  Enjoy!!

Here is the Real Most Interesting Man in the World!!


And a Phd in Astrophysics…pretty impressive:


Bitch Please!!!


Speaking of songs…




Does this count as my obligatory Cat meme??


Just in case…


And who doesn’t do this?  Really, who doesn’t.  I know no one that doesn’t do this…


Have a great rest of week!  And remember…


17 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Queen

  1. Haha! Keep calm and carry on, carry on… that’s one for the office mouse mat, huh?

    And yeah, that’s exactly how I sing Bohemian Rhapsody… anyone who says they don’t is lying! 😃

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks for the reblog. I love searching for the funniest or wittiest about bands and doing a one-stop shop for each band or genre I pick for the week. These are some of the better ones for sure.


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