Tuesday’s Memes – Black Sabbath

Let’s start December off right with the first Tuesday’s meme’s being the one and the only…Black Sabbath!  The released the album celebrating the final Live show called ‘The End’.  That made me want to celebrate them and so here we go.  I hope you enjoy!

Let us start off immediately with a political statement…


For all the artists that bitch about not feeling well, I can’t perform…


Yes, He is awesome…


What, you don’t like Black Sabbath…


And now for the songs…




Who is Black Sabbath?  Really???


And just to make things clear to everyone out there in the world…


And last, but not least…the cat meme…


12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Black Sabbath

  1. Haha Keep Paranoid And Listen To Sabbath. Look, just ‘cos you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you*, right? Right! Haha well done.

    * I know that was a Nirvana line but I heard it long before, don’t know where or when…

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