Tuesday’s Memes – Gene Simmons

Welcome to the first of the 2018 Tuesday’s Memes.  Let’s get started with poking fun at someone who really deserves to be poked fun of a little for running his mouth so much lately.  This week we honor (or roast, take your pick) Gene Simmons from the band Kiss.  Since Kiss isn’t doing anything new lately, Gene is trying desperately to stay relevant and it isn’t working very well.

I hope you enjoy and get a laugh or two…

Alright, might as well jump right in…


Does he think he owns everything??


And the price of the vault???


I am sure this is true…


And what is with the tongue…


I am sure this would happen…


Hey Mike, what do you have to say about Gene…


And I am sure this has happened (I love the constant misspelling in these things)…


If Gene only would listen to his own advice…


And lastly, the cat one…




12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Gene Simmons

  1. Haha Gene Simmons cat reminds me of Bill the Cat from Bloom County. Ack!

    As for the quote about celebrities shutting up, that’s a great piece of irony there hooboy. Haha and he mentions juggling his balls.

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