Tuesday Meme’s – Billy Joel

It is time now to celebrate all that is Billy Joel.  Or mock him, either way he is getting his turn on the Tuesday’s Memes.  The collection I have gathered will hopefully make you smile, laugh or groan in agony…I don’t care which as we don’t judge here.  I hope you enjoy.

The songs…








And just because…




And there you have it.  Have a great week!!


20 thoughts on “Tuesday Meme’s – Billy Joel

  1. I like his music mostly but cannot get out of my head how he mocked Christie B for getting old. He was punching well above his weight in the first instance and should have been eternally grateful! 😀

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        1. The way he fired his band that had been with him since the beginning and helped create the Billy Joel sound. He just let them go after all that success and no real explanation. The way they talk about it in the movie seems really cold.

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  2. The diarrhea one is hands down my favourite. Nothing like a brown-accident meme to make me chuckle. I heard that Billy Joel always liked to have flowers on his piano when he played, I think it was daffodils… but on his organ he preferred tulips

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