Tuesday’s Memes – Steel Panther

Okay, be prepared for vulgar and disgusting womanizing memes.  Why?  Because it is time to do Steel Panther…I don’t mean do as in do them…I mean we are going to have Steel Panther as our theme this week.  Get your mind out of the gutter…wait…don’t do that.  The gutter is where all these memes belong so stay in the gutter.

You are being warned…don’t go any further if you are easily offended.  This is not a PG post.

It also raises a question about what this band does.  Is this a band that can still go on even after the #MeToo movement or is this considered too offensive now?  Something to chew on for you.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


And I know for a fact this is true…


Yes, they are crude…



Yes, Lexxi that would be you!!


The newest member of the band…Pussy Kat??


Probably true…


Are you telling me you are not a fan…


I would tell you if I was…


And actually, this is true!!


Have a great rest of week and see you next time…

7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Steel Panther

    1. They weren’t that good anyway. This is a band I would love to see drop the act and just play a real rock record. They have it in them, but they make too much money with their act which is growing old IMO.

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          1. No doubt they can play, yeah. I can’t help but feel they’d be just another metal band, though… what separates them from the rest is that they have that outrageous novelty thing… appealing to a wider audience that may not necessarily listen to metal. Maybe?

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            1. When I saw them live, it was a mixed bag of people. The show was awesome, It was funny, pornographic and a great rock show all in one. For me, they are now a just band I want to see live and not really get the albums since they are all basically the same thing.

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              1. I can understand that… I think I have a copy of three of their albums and it’s very much a case of one was enough (I don’t think I’ve listened to the full thing more than twice (second time being to let another pal hear it) and it’s certainly a case of diminishing returns on the other albums).


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