Tuesday’s Memes – CD’s

We have done vinyl, cassette tapes and now it is time for the Compact Disc or CD for short.  The greatest musical sound since well…vinyl.  Vinyl is still the best for at least the Classic Rock era.  So sit back and enjoy the collection of Memes covering the CDs.  I hope you enjoy…

The Struggle was Real!!




Those dang Parental Advisory Stickers…


Burning Mixed Tapes…sorry..CDs…




They weren’t cheap back in the day…


And random…


If you watched America’s Got Talent two years ago…this would be funny…


And I am sorry, but this one is a little filthy but funny…


Have a great week…

7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – CD’s

  1. I think the first discman I had had a 3-5 anti skip feature..
    Bought a upgrade with a 10 second anti skip feature…
    Sony hahaha.u suckered me not once but twice..
    Now I just have a character flaw…hahaha

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