Tuesday’s Memes – Pearl Jam

The question was do I focus on Pearl Jam as a band or just Eddie Vedder?  Well, it turned out to be about Eddie Vedder more because I can’t actually name any one in the band other than Eddie Vedder…sad I know.  Plus, you type in Pearl Jam in the search and all you get are pictures of Eddie Vedder so that leads to another question…is there actually any one else in the band other than Eddie Vedder?  I know, we are getting pretty deep here.  We probably should stop and just get to the Memes…

The Songs…




I know it was the same picture…but it was a different song…I think???


And yes, Eddie Vedder is kind of cool!!




And the band…


Sorry that was still Vedder…


Sorry again…still nothing on the band…



Oh well, next time I will find a meme on the band…maybe it is on the dark web.  Until next time…have a great week.

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