My Sunday Song – “Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown” by Rob Zombie

For My Sunday Song #107 is going to take us out into a world that is so strange and bizarre you might never want to return.  We will explore the world of Rob Zombie and his song “Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown”.  The song is off his 2013 album ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor’.  The song did chart at #15 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks, but that doesn’t matter for Rob Zombie.

The song is in the normal Rob Zombie industrial style music.  It is hard, heavy and slams a fist into your face.  The main draw for me is his guitar player, the guitar god himself, John 5.  John 5 is a beast of a guitarist.  The sounds and his touch are always perfection and with this one there is at times a whole Sabbath vibe with some of his tone.

The song is about the state of rock radio today.  What was once a flourishing hot bed of good music is dying off in droves.  It changed the way we listened to music, but thanks to the internet and the digital download and streaming, the art of radio is dying off.  I have to agree that radio seems to be a dying form.  The problem with radio is no variety.  They play the same songs and artists over and over and you don’t really discover new music on the radio anymore.  That is what Youtube and streaming is for now.


The music video is pure Zombie art.  It is shot in black & white and as freaky and strange as Zombie himself.  And would you expect anything less?  I think not.  The video stars his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, and features a break dancing skeleton, a guy in a monkey suit, a large head, and a yeti and I am not sure how to describe it.  I read on wikipedia that it is the first video with John 5 wearing face paint.  You have to watch it and turn up the volume to 11!!


There you have it.  Something a little strange for this edition of My Sunday Song.  Sometimes, a little strange is a good thing.  Happy Sunday!!

“Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown”

Radio has changed our lives and practically saved our lives
Radio has changed our lives and practically saved our lives
Radio has changed our lives and practically saved our lives

Oh Yeah!

I want to tell you about Dead City Radio man
and the New Gods of Supertown.
A world of Magic Lanterns and Chemical Blues.
A world where X stands of the unknow and Y is the zero

Sluggish drones assault my Radio
20 mortal lashes of Grotesque Audio
Glittering fountains
Misspent youth
I’m a Rhinestone Tiger in a Leisure Suit

Turn it up! Turn it up! Turn it up! Oh Yeah!

We listen to the Radio – Dead Radio

I’ll tell you one thing man:
nothing ever happens until you medicate
the Witch Queen of Mongo
and Hail the passing of King George.
Everybody is eating on behalf of the Gods
with their Plastic Necks and Silver Teeth.

Is there life beyond what you know?
Hallucination thrives on my stereo
Astonishing Skeptics
Wasted Youth
She’s and Angel of Odd in her Birthday Suit

Turn it up turn it up turn it up
Oh Yeah

We listen to the Radio – Dead Radio
We listen to the Radio – Dead Radio

It’s right here now that we best serve the Beast of Transmission
and the cool passing wave of ignorance.
They say the heart is a lonely hunter
and the hardbox comes with a crime inside.

We listen to the Radio – Dead Radio
We listen to the Radio – Dead Radio

Written by Rob Zombie, John 5 and Bob Marlette

13 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown” by Rob Zombie

  1. I liked White Zombie and despite liking his movies, I haven’t listened to his musical output since Educated Horses. This is a curious Sunday song pick, but I could probably listen to a bit more of this album,

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  2. Don’t know much about Rob’s work but there is everything to love about this song and video for me. Thanks for posting. Will check out more. I agree with the sentiment about the slow death of radio, but must give a massive shout out to an outstanding radio station in France since 1989, Radio Active 100FM, an independent, volunteer-run, ad free station that plays just about everything from 80s to present and has strong links with the community and arts. They have regular evening slots for rock, metal, experimental, synth, underground, jazz, reggae, movie themes, etc, as well as playing an eclectic mix throughout the day.

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      1. Yeah we still get ‘bad’ stations like that here too. The Radio Active station I mentioned is probably one of the rare exceptions and because its completely independent of record companies and charts it stays diverse. Back in the 90s UK I listened to a pirate reggae station PCRL which was very similar. At the same time I was a regular listener to Tommy Vance on the Radio 1 Friday Night Rock Show, also John Peel Sessions, later was BBC Introducing and Kerrang! radio.

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