Tuesday’s Memes – Twisted Sister

Alright, it is time Dee Snider and Twisted Sister got a turn at the memes.  There were so many to go through that I hope I captured the best.  Whether or not you like the band doesn’t matter, hopefully you will laugh at them anyway.  Sit back and enjoy.

The songs…




The way they dress…


Dee Snider…





The band…


And finally…


Thanks and have a great week!!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Twisted Sister

  1. Love them, and TS. Saw them live but we were disappointed they didn’t come over to say hello after their show (like most bands did back then at our local venue), they just waved at us before getting on their tour bus. Oh well. Did you see the documentary ‘We Are Twisted F***ing Sister’ ? Superb.

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  2. I remember when TW first came to UK in the 1980s and went on The Tube (Channel 4 Friday night live music show). They were booed which was unusual for this show and started to take off their make up off with wipes at the end thinking the crowd would like them more. Er nah.

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