Tuesday’s Memes – Queens of the Stone Age

After two years and no Queens of the Stone Age memes…What was I thinking.  Easily, I don’t get them.  What the fuck is so great about QOTSA???  Please tell me, because I feel like I am missing out on something.  Don’t shoot me, that is just the way it is with me.  Maybe someday I will get what the hype is, but right now…nope.  Now, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a collection of memes…so here is what I found out on the Internet universe.  Enjoy!!

The songs…



Apparently he is cool???…okay…




But this what I see…Ass!!



And the rest…



And there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed because I still don’t enjoy them…sorry.

38 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Queens of the Stone Age

      1. Nirvana was the right band at the right time… engaged with a whole audience that needed music to connect with. I was on board with that… I don’t listen to them much anymore, but man, I loved that band and they’re still important to me.

        QotSA take the classic rock and the alternative stuff and make something that, I reckon, appeals to both. It’s fun and pretty weighty at the same time.

        But aye, not for everyone. But nothing ever is.

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  1. He has a face not only a mother could smack.
    But, he does have some talent that was at it’s peak in Kyuss and regressed from there.
    Speaking of Kyuss, when the remaining members wanted to call the re-formed band Kyuss Lives, money bags Josh had this blocked. They had to rename it Vista Chino.
    Douche move.
    I watched the Eagles of Death Metal:Nos Amis(Our Friends) documentary this past weekend and Josh came across as an actual human being with feelings, and acting like a friend to Jesse Hughes. It softened my disdain for Josh a bit. I truly think that I would give Queens a bit more consideration if Josh would not act so much like himself.

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    1. I don’t know, man… I love Kyuss, but I think it’s inaccurate to claim that Homme’s regressed. In my opinion, the vibe of the bands differ and Kyuss didn’t record anything as good as …Like Clockwork. In fact, my three favourite Homme albums are QotSA albums.

      As for Kyuss Lives, you could argue that reforming Kyuss without Homme and calling the band Kyuss Lives is more of a money bags move than Josh blocking it (Scott Reeder also objected and filed the law suit… and he had actually joined Kyuss Lives for a couple of shows).

      At most, Homme’s guilty of being a bit of a dick at times, but that doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t make great records.

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      1. I loved Kyuss so much I probably have had a chip on my shoulder against Homme for leaving, making it big and then having any part of blocking the name for Kyuss Lives.
        Then acting the way he does outside of music. Kicking women in the face. Assaulting photographers. Etc. Etc.
        I think I need to maybe just give the music a chance. As I said I did soften to him a bit. I know he has musical talent. I will have to find away to lose the bias.

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        1. I love Kyuss, but I must admit I love QotSA a bit more. Maybe it’s the hooks, the grooves, or Homme’s way with words, but that band is special to me in a way Kyuss just can’t be.

          But aye, the face kick episode was bonkers and way out of line (although he’s rumoured to be an asshat, that seemed a bit out of character too).

          For me, he’s one of the few folk out there who keep pushing themselves with each release. Each album being that wee bit different… there’s obviously some exorcising of demons in there, but he has fun while he’s doing it.

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            1. Rated R (X) is my favourite of the two, but …Like Clockwork is my number one QotSA album. Songs for the Deaf is a very different album though… it’s a monster. Unlike the rest of the catalogue.

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                1. I like them all, though Era Vulgaris is not high up on my favourites list. Some great tunes on there, but maybe not consistent enough. Same with Lullabies… (though some of my favourite QotSA songs are on there).

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                    1. I think they were transitioning into the band they are now over those two albums. Certainly not to be written off completely, cause there are some great songs on there, but they’re definitely not as consistently inspired as those that came before and after.

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