Kiss – Kissworld: The Best of Kiss – Album Review

I know what you are thinking.  Why do we need another Kiss Greatest Hits compilation?  Honestly, we really don’t.  We have tons already and there is nothing new on here that the real fan doesn’t already have.  So Why?  Well, easy.  Kiss is touring their End of the Road tour and they wanted product out there that the casual fan or new fan that they get from all the press can run out and grab.  Simple!

But is this something worth getting?  As a casual fan…No.  Probably not as there are better compilations out there.  As the Hard Core Fan….Well, I did buy it if that tells you anything.  I had to because I didn’t have it in my ever growing collection.  Plus, it is so pretty.  Yes, pretty.  I bought the Special Edition double LP with Yellow/Red Splatter vinyl.


The packaging is a gatefold with the Group photo on the front and the track listing on the back such as below…


And when you open the gatefold, you don’t get a giant picture of the band or a huge concert photo, you get an old vintage picture of the original members on one side.  I mean this is early Kiss.  Notice that sweater Paul is wearing under his leather jacket…wait…sorry…that is just his chest hair…my bad.


On the other side, you get another picture.  Wait, no you don’t.  You get another track listing!!  What the hell is that all about.  You put it on the back, why don’t we get another picture or even some album notes or comments from the band…something other than a repeat of the track listing.  How lame!!


I guess they want to shout out what a great track listing they have, but really they don’t.  Now I know how hard it must be to have such a vast catalog and somehow narrow it down to only 20 songs.  That is quite a huge undertaking.  The track listing isn’t bad, just weird.

There is nothing from the first couple albums, nothing from the solos, nothing from Creatures of the Night!!! Also, there are 3 songs from Destroyer.  3 out of 20 songs from one album, come on guys.

But there are some cool things about the tracks.  There is a bunch from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond.  You get “I’m A Legend Tonight” from the Killers Compilation, you get “Shandi” and “Unholy” which are great choices.  It is nice to see the last three albums get a song a piece.  It isn’t all bad.  It is mostly an uninspiring track list.


Don’t get me wrong, I do love the package as a whole.  I only think they could have put a little more time and effort into putting the whole package together.  There is nothing new to offer the hardcore fan.  No new mixes, special live editions or anything.  I have everything on here (more than once in some instances) so at least a nugget of something new or rare would have been a nice touch.

Now production wise, the album sounds great.  The vinyl is so clean and crisp sounding and the music comes to life.  I enjoyed every song (okay, maybe not “Rock & Roll All Nite” as I am okay only hearing that in a concert setting).

I will rate the whole package a 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars.  It gets a higher mark because of its stunning beauty of the package.  The colored Vinyl is brilliant and the album cover is so life-like.  Such a great photo of each member.  Really eye-catching.  The Music choices are why it is only getting a 3.  Not enough variety and some strange choices, but I get how hard it was to narrow down.  There were still some great songs on here though.  The basic set is for the casual fan.  This set is for the more hardcore fan who wants a limited edition set with colored-vinyl.  It’s so pretty!!!

15 thoughts on “Kiss – Kissworld: The Best of Kiss – Album Review

  1. No Ace No Creatures C’mon Gene and Paul!
    I will add like you pointed out the packaging is very cool. Slick looking double vinyl thats for sure John!
    I’m sure KISSWorld 2 is coming out at some point haha

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  2. Oh dear me. That track listing is shockingly poor. As a farewell tour promo it could have been a lot more impressive. The sleeve and vinyl are nice but if this was their only hits record you’d struggle to understand how that lasted so long

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  3. Mnah. I don’t know much about Kiss, but this looks awfy like a budget release. Cover is okay, but such a waste of a gatefold sleeve. What are the inner sleeves like? They plain?

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