Tuesday’s Memes – Live Music

Who doesn’t love to see music live?  Whether it is a stadium show or a nice, intimate bar, live shows are way for people to connect to an artist and their music.  For me, I love the smaller, more personal clubs as you can really connect with the artist.  I also love to see how they interpret their songs live and the little nuggets they throw in for fun.  Today, we celebrate that with a collection of memes celebrating live music.

Today’s kids just don’t get it…







Anytime for live music is a good time…


And the rest…




And last, but not least…a cat one…


Have a great week!!



17 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Live Music

  1. Wait! None about people who spend money to see a gig and spend it standing in front of you shouting at their pal about what they’ve been watching on the telly!?

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    1. Crap, I must have missed those, but I know what you are talking about. I was at Bryan Adams a couple weeks ago and I could hear a group of people behind me a few rows just carrying on a conversation. It pissed me off a little.

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        1. The biggest piss off is I get there early. Hear all the bands.
          Right up at front in sweet spot (maybe with a post, railing or wall to lean on).

          Then the drunks push their way to front half way through headliner set. I hope they move on but sometimes they don’t so I am forced to and get a worse spot elsewhere.

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    2. I hate when I’m at a show and drunk people stand up front and shout at each other over the music.
      Go to the back or outside if you want to yap all night.
      The last time I told some drunks to be quiet the bouncer gave me crap.

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        1. They did it most of the night. The band went into a real soft part that would have been awesome except for the yelling drunks(who got much louder since the band was quieter). I had enough and yelled at them to stfu.
          The bouncer said something along the lines of “Relax man. Everyone wants to enjoy the show”
          I told him everyone around those people, including myself can’t enjoy the show.
          Basically I moved to other side of the stage before it escalated.

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        2. I used to think bouncers were all juice monkeys that thrived on beating up drunks(I saw many that were back in the day).
          Now I see a softer side that is more in tune with 2019. They would rather talk down a situation. I think it would be tough to shut down all the drunks since the primary goal of the bar is to get us all to drink as much as possible to make more money.
          Making a guy who often does not drink at concerts happy doesn’t seem to be their biggest priority.
          I love it when a lead singer takes the reigns and points out assholes that are ruining it for others but it rarely happens.

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          1. Aye, times have definitely changed. I once got a beating for telling a bouncer to lay off a guy he was, eh, giving a beating to. I reckon I held my own for about 10 seconds (when his pal kicked me in the face). Good times. Oooft.

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          2. Bryan Adams made a fan hand over her cowbell as it was irritating everyone., especially him. He was nice about it, but he wanted it gone. She tossed it up on stage for him and he got rid of it. It’s not the same as a drunk, but ballpark.


  2. Those are brill 🙂 The phones at gigs is really distracting, especially If you’re unlucky to be behind someone who’s filming non-stop. Pre-phone days you’d always see old school cameras snapping off pics, but nothing more distracting than quick camera flashes, which only added to the ambience I reckon. Do people still spark up their cigarette lighters during ballads?

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