Tuesday’s Memes – Groupies

What band doesn’t love their Groupies??  Do bands today even have groupies?  Is that still a thing?  I mean does the DJ that today’s band have any woman fawning all over them?  “Oh, you scratch that album so amazingly” just doesn’t have the same as “Oh look at what his fingers can do to that guitar, imagine what he could do to me”…am I right?  Let us celebrate the Groupies!!



Roadies do get more than the bass player!!


Well, she ain’t wrong…


And this is true I am sure…



And there’s this guy…

invitedbackstage-the-band-become-his-groupies-quick-meme-com-m-4716742And the cat…


I hope you have a great week!!!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Groupies

  1. I think Tenacious D captured the groupie best on their song “Roadie”:

    When a beautiful girl come to me she say, hey can I sucka your dick,
    And I’ll say yes, I’m in love.
    And then she quickly say I sucked your dick,
    Now give me that backstage pas, I do not want you Roadie,
    I want KG’s chode.

    I like the cat best!

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