Tuesday’s Memes – Guns ‘N Roses #2

We did a Guns ‘N Roses memes collection around 2 years ago so I thought it was time do to another.  They are about to go on tour again so why not celebrate.  I would love to go see the show, but the prices are killing me and I have seen a bunch a shows this Summer so funds are low.  Since I can’t go to the show, let’s do our own with the memes.

I hope you enjoy!

The Spaghetti Incident…



The songs…



Axl Rose…






The new album…


The band…


And that is all.  I hope you enjoyed the second installment of GNR!!  Have a great rest of week.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Guns ‘N Roses #2

  1. My kids were attempting hand-stands the other day & I joined in. Though I was unsuccessful, I was pleased I at least didn’t hurt myself – it appears I will never look as cool as post-concert 54-year old Slash!

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