Tuesday’s Memes – Anthrax

Last week I did a collection of memes for Slayer so I thought why not do Anthrax this week. So, off to the internet I went and this collection is what I found.  With Scott Ian and the boys, I hope there is enough to make you band your head against a brick wall or make you laugh, either way is fine with me.  Enjoy…

The songs…

pjimage (1).jpg




Joey Belladonna…


And the rest…just because…




And last but not least…


I hope you had a laugh…enjoy the rest of the week!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Anthrax

  1. I became a fan when I heard about their press release, announcing they were changing their name to ‘baskets of puppies’ to please the people complaining about the band name!


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