Tuesday’s Memes – My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance are reuniting and apparently that is a big deal??  I don’t know as I really don’t care.  But I guess I care enough that I felt I needed to do a meme collection of My Chemical Romance.  Also, I had no other idea at this time of who to do.  I will admit that I know nothing of the band and that I don’t understand hardly any of these memes so you won’t be alone.  If you get any of them, let me know in the comments on why it might be funny…I haven’t a clue!!


Ok, this one I get and it’s pretty funny to me…


And I get the Cat one…but that is it…I swear!!





The band members…sort of…


And the rest…





f20a899462a493213509e2dbcd476662And there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed it…or scratched your head saying…who the fuck are these guys???

12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – My Chemical Romance

  1. These are freakin great, and I forgot just how massive they were back in the day. When I saw Gerard trending on Twitter recently I thought no he’s too young to die, and I wanted to cry a little bit because I loved their Black Parade stuff, and my GF back then was a massive fan and it brought back nice memories of her, along with the band I was in at the time which had some emo undertones among other influences. Anyway, thanks to Twitter I nearly had a huge mid-life emo moment because of Gerard’s sad passing, then I found out he was only trending because the band was reforming, and I thought phew, hold the tears and the black nail varnish a while. On a side note, Gerard is also a comic book writer for DC and Dark Horse, which makes me like him some more.


  2. They were huge huge. Absolutely baffling, but I guess they appealed to the emo crowd and girls that had been looking for a band to grab onto once they got too old for the likes of Boyzone and Westlife (I’m generalising here based on my sister – they’re her favourite band behind Westlife – honestly). I couldn’t say if they’re any good, cause they’re just not my thing.

    The Gerard guy is responsible for The Umbrella Academy. I haven’t read the comics, but I did enjoy the Netflix show.


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