Tuesday’s Memes – Five Finger Death Punch

I was surfing the web and noticed a lot of hate for Five Finger Death Punch or FFDP.  I was surprised…okay, no I wasn’t.  However, it made me think why I haven’t roasted them on the Tuesday’s memes collection.  I know, I have been slack lately, I apologize.  I am here to make up for it.  So I gathered some of the better memes (or at least ones I could find).  Sit back and get ready to receive a Five Finger Death Punch to the face.

Apparently, the are not cool…





And it doesn’t get any better…






Oh well, there you have it.  Not much love for the band as they seem to be the Nickelback of their time.  But Nickelback is rich and still touring so they must be doing something right.  I will admit, FFDP does have songs I crank up loud when I am in the car so sue me!!


13 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Five Finger Death Punch

  1. We like them as a family. I bought tickets for all four of us for a show. My husband is not a metal head, but he was a good sport and went, too. I like their support as a band of our military members. Their message is usually positive, and their show was awesome.

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