Tuesday’s Memes – Steven Tyler

I did an Aerosmith memes collection over 2 years ago so I was gong to do another, but everything was really focused on Steven Tyler. So today, Steven gets his own collection and I am sorry to say, it is not very flattering of the man.  Oh well, that’s life.  I am sure Joey Kramer will be laughing his as off at this.

Yes, dude does look like a lady…






Okay, enough of that…here are some random ones…





And the cat…


That was enough torture…go enjoy the rest of your day.  Thanks for stopping by.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Steven Tyler

  1. HAHAA this is your best Memes post yet!! I like poking fun at Tyler just as much as the next Aero-head, but that Stone Cold one caught me completely off guard. Never seen that before, and it’s so random!

    Have you seen Ted 2? Mark Wahlberg states, and I quote, “I mean, fucking Steven Tyler? What the fuck is that? Some kind of weird soccer-mom-looking Goonie monster?”

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