The Best & Coolest Microphone Stands in Music

We see lists all the time of the best guitar, the best drum set, the best of whatever you can think of.  Well, I thought, what are the best and the coolest microphone stands in Music?  I did a lot of digging and it was not the easiest thing to find.  When you google best microphone stands, you get pictures of the industries best microphone stands.  Not the coolest or most badass, but basic advertisements selling really good mic stands. I don’t want that.  So, I kept digging and digging and I have now come up with some of the coolest microphone stands in music.

We will start with the most obvious….Steven Tyler.  Steven is known for walking this way with a mic stand draped in scarves and a lot of them.  It is simple, but it is easily recognizable as Steven Tyler’s microphone stand.


Next up, we will go to the pop world with Brendan Urie of Panic at the Disco.  It isn’t really cool or awe inspiring, it is kind of quirky.  It is a microphone stand of a hand holding a mic…but at least it is not the typical stand.


Now we are going to dive in to the Country world with one of the hottest women in Country music…Miranda Lambert.  Her microphone stand is a country as it gets. It is a Shotgun!!!  Perfect!!


This time we now going to scoot on over to R&B or whatever you would classify this genius. Prince!  Prince at one time was only a symbol and he had a microphone stand with that symbol.


Okay, what about Punk.  Any good Punk microphone stands?  I’m glad you asked because the answer is yes.  Nothing better than singing in to dog skeleton like the Misfits!! What else is there to say.


Alright enough already.  Let’s get down to the serious.  The hardcore rock & rollers out there.  We will start off with the cool bio-mechanical hand from Three Days Grace’s former lead singer Adam Gontier.


And it gets better and better.  What about W.A.S.P.’s Blackie Lawless’ Skull and Crossbone Spine and hip and chains and all sorts of really cool stuff.  This screams Rock & Roll…but there are some that scream louder.


Japanese singer, Gackt, has one of the more interesting pieces out there.  It has a spine, and things I am scared to know what they really might be. It is definitely on the cool scale with this one.


To take things in a more realist bones and antler direction, we get this beast of a stand from Ministry’s own Al Jourgensen.  He can grab on to the bones and the mic at the same time…what else could you want…nothing.


Then we get the awesome creation from Korn’s lead singer, Jonathan Davis.  This bio-mechanical woman has long sleek legs and very pointy boobs and missing half her head, but it is still one of the coolest stands out there.


Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch seems to be wanting to blow his own head off with this masterpiece.  Topped with a pistol coming out of skull and a long spine with two grenades sit above a bunch of empty shell casings, this is one of the coolest and most badass looking stands out there.


And there are a couple people that like to change it up on different tours.  Zakk Wylde is one of them.  First up, you get a simple yet effective thick solid metal chain as the stand. Sometimes less is more.


Then you need to throw in some skulls as that seems to be the most popular choice of Rockers.  And to get people talking, why not throw a cross on top of the skulls.


But let’s be honest…the best, the coolest and the most badasses of microphone stands always come from the one, the only, the infamous and scariest dude out there…Rob Zombie.  The Nosferatu microphone stand is one of the scariest.  The outstretched arms with the claw like fingers is the delight of many horror fans.


Not to be a one-trick pony with the mic stand, this skeleton stand with 3 sets of arms on bended knee looks like it is going to reach out and grab everyone in the front row and it would be so worth it.


And there you have it. My list of some of the best microphone stands in music. I have to admit, the heavy metal rockers seem to have the coolest and scariest ones and they should as these wouldn’t work for the pop stars out there.  I hope you enjoy.  Let me know which ones you like or if I missed anyone that has a really cool mic stand.  I would love to make the list longer.

25 thoughts on “The Best & Coolest Microphone Stands in Music

  1. The hard rockers know how to get a Mike stand. Blackie kills it with his design and I like the simplicity of Zakks chain mic.
    Also thought that the Panic At The Disco one was a cool one especially how it is white and it contrasts with the t shirt worn

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  2. Awesome post. Never knew there were so many distinct mic stand designs out there! If I had to choose a fave (and that’s so incredibly hard to) I’d go for Korn’s Jonathan Davis stand, as it reminds of something H.R. Giger would come up with. But really, they’re all too cool! Thanks for digging around for these and posting.

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