2 Loud 2 Old Music – Small Changes

How’s everyone doing out there?  I want to give a heads up to some small changes coming to 2 Loud 2 Old Music.

First up,  we now have a Logo for the site.  Nothing fancy, but I like it and it will now grace all our pages including the website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  I hope you like it.  We may be celebrating that change down the road, we will see how that idea pans out.


I’ve already updated all sites with the new logo and on the main website, I didn’t change the theme as I couldn’t find one that did everything I wanted to do more than I liked my layout so I update the colors to match the logo. Please go check it out and see if you like it as I do.

What other small changes are coming?

Tuesday’s Memes is going away.  It is a very popular post on the site each Tuesday to highlight a band or music topic and post memes from around the web, but honestly, I have been doing it for 3 years now and it is time for a change.  I’m bored with it and I want to get to posting more reviews and other stories.  I have enough post done already that it will carry through until the end of June and then starting July 2nd, who knows what will be there, but it will be a review of some kind.


Another thing coming is the biggest challenge I have put on myself to date.  I am starting the Kiss Review Series.  It will be starting this coming week and I will review every Kiss album whether studio album, live album or greatest hits package and even some solo albums from former bandmates. It will also include any special edition releases or singles that I may have in my collection.  This series will probably take me over a year to complete so it is a huge undertaking.  I figured with my David Coverdale Review Series coming to end in the two month or so, I need something even bigger than that one.  I don’t think it gets much bigger than this.  Heck, I’ve already written 5 reviews so far so get ready.

There might also be more “Series” reviews at the same time as the Kiss one as I have to admit the ones I have done so far have been very successful including Ratt, Billy Idol and now the David Coverdale one.  Why not do more.  It is so much fun to take deep dives in to artists and I am all about having fun.

And that is it for now, like I said, small changes but changes nonetheless.  I don’t really like changes, they are hard for me, but I wanted to bring more reviews as I feel that is what everyone really loves, me included.  I also wanted to have a logo and I struggled with this for years as there is so much to choose from, but the funny thing is that what I came up with is so simple, but I think appropriate for the site.

Thanks for all the support and I hope for your continued support in the future. You are why I do what I do.


24 thoughts on “2 Loud 2 Old Music – Small Changes

          1. I’ve sampled those two Leps. Sound’s good a little raw sounding which is nice. I took the plunge and purchased the Vandenberg record and its mindblowing good.

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  1. Nice logo John. Re: KISS, I already thought you were doing a long-established KISS Review Series for some time, as you’ve reviewed quite a lot of their albums. I’ll be honest, I’ve never gotten their appeal at all, but I guess every one of us has a band or two that almost everyone else loves but we just do not. For me, that would be KiSS. Sorry.

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