Tuesday’s Memes – Radiohead

I will admit, I know nothing about Radiohead.  Maybe I’m not smart enough to get them, or actually, maybe I’m too smart to get them…who know.  Either way, I guess they deserve a meme’s collection just as much as the next band even if I could care less about them.  I have no idea if any of these are funny or what they really mean, because as I said earlier, I’m not a fan.  Let me know if these were any good.

The albums…








There math is a little suspect…


The rest…




And that is it…thank god because I can’t take anymore of them.  I hope you enjoyed.

13 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Radiohead

  1. OK, so I am not a “massive” Radiohead fan but I own a few discs. Kid A is my favourite. But I sure do see a lot of hate for Pablo Honey. Can it be that bad? It was a constant popular seller at the Record Store. Not their most popular (that was usually The Bends and OK Computer) but a good solid seller.

    I think I like Radiohead more than I like Thom Yorke. I think I understand Radiohead somewhat but I do not get Thom Yorke at all.

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  2. Haha these are awesome. I’m a pretty big Radiohead fan, have been since The Bends, though I remember my buddy Brian playing the hell out of a copy of Pablo Honey he’d bought on a trip to Florida, so I heard it tons. I don’t know what it is, precisely, about them that just hits right, but they do. They’re the only band I can look past all the blips and bleeps of electronic stuff and still enjoy it as a whole. Anyway, these are great. I don’t understand the Pablo Honey hate, though I suspect a younger fan of A Moon Shaped Pool would hear PH and say WTF IS THAT, as they sound almost like two different bands. The music has shifted from the 90s to now, big time, and Radiohead has grown and morphed several times during their career. It doesn’t mean PH is a bad album, it’s just part of an era.

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    1. I’m in the minority on them as I never really got in to them. Maybe I’m too set in my ways. Glad to hear PH isn’t a total bust. I don’t know it personally, but I figured by that meme that it wasn’t the favorite of a lot of people.


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