March 2023 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

We are already at the end of March and can’t believe three months in to the year already as well. Time does fly. But it doesn’t fly fast enough that we can’t do a monthly summary of purchases here at 2 Loud 2 Old Music. And this month was another good one even though the vinyl purchases were down and overall purchases were down as well. I didn’t actually get out to a real record store this month so I will try and make up for that in April.

The month started off with Frontiers Records updating their $5 CD sale and adding a bunch more albums to the list. I, of course, took advantage of that sale. I was able to pick up albums from Inglorious, Night Ranger and Jorn as well as a live Blu-Ray from Dokken. All great stuff.

And then my wife and daughter wanted to go to 2nd & Charles as they had a book sale where you buy 5 books, you get 5 free…Sadly, there was not a CD sale at the time, but it didn’t stop me from picking up some great music while I was there. I did get 5 CDs, but since the next 5 weren’t free, I stuck with only my 5. I picked up some Metallica, Tesla, Halestorm, Aldo Nova (which I had already on vinyl) and the last great Queensryche album in my book, ‘Promised Land’.

There was more stuff so don’t worry. Each month I’m trying to buy one Rock Candy release and this month I went with Coney Hatch’s debut album and I have to say it is pretty awesome! This was bought because of all the Coney Hatch talk that Deke does, I finally bought it.

My youngest daughter’s 16th Birthday was in March and I bought her the new Morgan Wallen album and for some reason they sent us two copies. She got hers and I decided to just keep the other one in my collection…

There was another purchase I made for something I have on vinyl this month. After reviewing the Scorpions album ‘Return to Forever’, I noticed that there was a Tour Edition that came with 2 DVDs with the entire show on each…Well, Damn! I have to have that and so now I do. Maybe I’ll go back to the Scorpions Series and add these two shows down the line.

And then I found something to add to my Will Hoge collection. I picked it up for like $3 so how could I not. It is a promo CD single for the song “When I Get My Wings”. As I have all but one of his albums (a rare live album that I’ve never seen come up for sale), all I have left to collect are the Promo Singles, so why not get started on that piece of his collection.

Then late in the month, my daughter wanted to go thrifting and we went to Goodwill and I never find anything in the music section. The albums are all beat to hell and stuff I’d never listen to and the CDs are usually messy and same kind of garbage, but to my surprise I found a handful of things that were worth the $0.99 price tag. And the Dylan one is my favorite…

There are still some holes I’m filling up in my Bon Jovi collection before I get to the series and so I picked up The Live E.P. on vinyl that was from RSD about 10 years ago and I got a deluxe edition of The Circle so I could get the DVD documentary.

And then my favorite piece of the month is this great copy of Whitesnake Live in Hammersmith from Japan. It has the OBI, the lyric sheet in both Japanese and English and the Sticker!! Full review coming.

And in the package for the Whitesnake, the seller threw in a Japanese Single of some pop star, a Pokeman card and a sticker. All cool…

And that is it. The Vinyl purchases have slowed down as prices are crazy and CDs are so much cheaper…Here is everything all together…

Thanks for stopping by and see you next month!!


42 thoughts on “March 2023 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. All cool scores John. $5 discs great deal along with that white snake 🐍 score!
    Real happy to see u add Coney into that pile of Rock! Such a killer debut !
    Great stuff man

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    1. The “n word” made him millions of $$$. He blew up in popularity after that incident. And after listening to his music, rightfully so as it is pretty dang good. My kids have made me a fan.


      1. He’s the anti-Michael Richards. Of course, Morgan is a country artist. Most of his fans are probably acquainted with and accepting of that word. Also helps he didn’t say it in hate or to a black person.

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          1. I don’t care at all. I thought the hysteria was ridiculous. Of course we’re both from the south, so maybe we’re just desensitized to that word!


  2. Cool finds. Not so sure about Secada…

    I just got Inglorious covers albums. Haven’t listened to it yet. Looking forward to your review of that live album.

    Cannot believe there’s still no word of that BJ anniversary box set. Hope it’s still on the way.

    Have a good weekend!

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    1. Yeah, Secada might not be for everyone! But i like him well enough. It is for my lighter very poppy days.
      Who knows when I’ll get to the Inglorious one, but I have the covers one as well and it is quite eceptional.


      1. None of those Rock Candy releases are on offer here. Not keen on ordering from abroad and adding shipping cost. There are tons of those I’d like to get so I think this way I’m saving a ton of money too…

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  3. Is that Morgan Wallen release from Amazon? Just curious because most of the time, my CDs arrive with jewel cases that have a crack on either the front or the back. I think I have that Bon Jovi Circle release because mine comes with the documentary; I like the documentary, but it’s very depressing.


    1. This one?

      Why do you find the documentary depressing Lana?

      Haven’t watched it since it came out. Found that first part on Utube. Bugs me that in the beginning they keep addressing Jon as Sir. Can’t believe I missed that the first time around.

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      1. Yes, that’s the one! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen it, but it just kind of shows how much of a businessman Jon is. He’s always working, he’s always trying to make a name for himself and the band is nothing more than a brand, at least to him.

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