#TBT – Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime

The year was 1988.  I was too impatient to wait for Def Leppard to come to Atlanta, so my friend Steve and I drove to Chattanooga, TN to see them in concert.  The opening act for this tour I was not familiar with at all.  A band called Queensryche.

Needless to say, I was blown away by their show.  The songs I loved the most were from an album called Operation: Mindcrime.  I bought the CD and it has become one of all my ALL-TIME FAVORITE albums.  I know I say this or that is one of my favorites, but this would be in my Top 10 list of Favorite Albums.

The album came out at the end of the Reagan era and epitomizes the disdain for government and all the political corruption at the time.  The sad thing is this album could be  about our current times as well.  Which means this album has held up over time and is just as good now as then.

The album opens with Nikki in the hospital.  He has no memory of why he is there.  The TV news is on in he background and Nikki starts to remember.  Nikki is a drug addict who gets brainwashed by Dr. X to commit assassinations of high-powered political figures.

Along the way he meets and falls for Sister Mary, former porstitute turned nun.  His feelings for her cause him to question what he is doing. Dr. X tells Nikki to kill her and the corrupt priest.  When he goes to kill her, he can’t and they plan to escape.

Nikki goes to tell Dr. X that he is leaving but Dr. X messes with him and reminds him that he can only get is drug addiction fix from him.  When Nikki goes to see Mary, she is dead.  Nikki goes a little mental.  The cops grab him under suspicion of killing Mary. Nikki is so messed up he ends up in the hospital. Now we are back to the beginning with him waking up in the hospital and remembering everything.

The songs blend together perfectly and tells such an interesting and engaging story.  Take a listen to the samples below and then go listen to the whole album from beginning to end.

Are there any other concept albums that you find amazing.

4 thoughts on “#TBT – Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime

  1. I interviewed these guys when I was a freelance writer. They were very nice. They’ve been through El Paso a few times. My favorite song of theirs is “Silent Lucidity.”

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