Friday New Releases – September 30th

We are to the end of another month and the end of another work week.  This year is flying by.  This is another Friday with a ton of new music.  I can’t say I am super excited about any of them, but I am interested in listening to quite a few (highlighted in Blue).

  • CkXkvVlUoAEKZWs  Yellowcard – Yellowcard – (Hopeless Records):  Apparently this is their 10th and last album together.  That is a little sad.  They have put out some great albums, so here is to hoping they go out on a high note.

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James Bay – Concert Review

James Bay was in Charlotte Sunday night, September 25th, 2016.  Of course, my daughter and I had to go when we heard the concert announcement back in April.  When tickets went on sale, I got busy at work and completely forgot to go online and buy them. When I went on that night at home, it was SOLD OUT!!! Needless to say, my daughter was not very happy with me on that day.

I went back on to the ticket site and signed up for a text notification if any tickets become available.  May comes and goes with no luck.  June, pretty much the same thing until around the end of the month on June 29th.  We were on vacation in Myrtle Beach and sitting in a restaurant, so I can get some seafood, when a text message pops up on my phone.  I told my daughter that when we got back to the condo, we would order the tickets. Nope!! Wasn’t good enough.  She was not having that. I had to go on my phone right then and there, in the restaurant, and buy the tickets.  Which I did!  We now had 2 tickets to the show.


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Carey Durham – The ‘Mr. Music’ Interview

Last week I had the pleasure and the honor to sit down with one of the nicest and most talented guys I know, Carey Durham.  Carey is a violinist, singer and a songwriter.  His style is a cross between hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, Pop and big band crooning.  I had the chance to review his album ‘Mr Music’ back in July and once I was finished I knew I wanted to interview him and get to know more about him and his music.  We were finally able to make our schedules work and sit down for an hour and chat.

_dsc0734Below is that conversation.  I will admit it is very long so I hope you have time.  If not, break it up in pieces and come back to finish.  When you are done, I hope you will discover what a great person he is and go out and support him and his music.

2Loud2OldMusic (2L2OM):  Welcome.  Thank you for taking the time to sit with me. Your album, I loved it as you can tell from my review.  But for most of my audience, which has gotten bigger since then by the way (he laughed), tell them who Carey Durham is personally, musically or however.

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Buckwheat Zydeco – R.I.P.

If there was an ever an uncool instrument, it was the accordion.  However, one man made it cool.  That man was Stanley “Buckwheat” Dural, Jr. better known simply as Buckwheat Zydeco.  He took this unusual instrument and turned it into a thing of beauty.  His style of music, zydeco, was a blend of blues and rock and native Creole music from Louisiana.

Stanley Dural, Jr. passed away Saturday, September 24, 2016. He was 68 and we are blessed that he left behind so much great music.  In his memory, I give you “Hey Good Lookin” a song he did back in 1990 with Dwight Yoakam and David Hidalgo.  This was my introduction to his music.

Sadly, that means I had to update my “In Memoriam Playlist”. If you want to see all the greats we have lost this year, check it out.

My Sunday Song – “My Victory” by Crowder

My Sunday Song #8 is off the brand new album by Crowder called ‘American Prodigal’.  The song is called “My Victory” and I instantly fell in love with this song.  There is a line in the song that is so powerful.  The lyric is “A cross meant to kill is my victory”.  That line just sums everything up for me.

As a result, I had to share this song with you this weekend.  With all that has gone on this week here in Charlotte with the riots & protests, we need a positive message and we definitely need a victory.  I hope this song finds a place into your heart.

Remember to love one another and that violence is never the answer.

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Friday New Releases – September 23rd

Happy Friday!!  We made it through another week.  Now let’s enjoy the weekend with some great new music.  There is so much to choose from this weekend and some I can’t wait to grab a hold of and sonically consume.  Let me know what your interested in, and as always, my most anticipated ones are highlighted in Blue.  There are a lot so I am only going to comment on four of them, the others Bruce Springsteen and Joe Bonamassa are just too obvious choices that I am sure a lot of you are interested in as well.

  • airborne-breakingouttahell-1  Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell – (Spinefarm):  Are you ready to rock 80’s style? Then turn that volume up and rock your ass off with Airbourne.  One of the most exciting retro rock bands to come out in the last 10 years.  Listen to the title track and then go get this album and turn to 11.

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Glenn Hughes – “Heavy” – New Single

Glenn Hughes, the self-proclaimed ‘Voice of Rock’ is back with a new solo album coming out November 4th called ‘Resonate’ on Frontiers Music Sri.  This is his first in 8 years which is way too long.  Glenn’s first single is out now and called “Heavy”.

All I can say is that this 65 year old still kicks some major ass.  His vocals just keep getting better which can’t be said for everyone that has been performing as long as he has.  I love the new song and now I can’t wait for the album.

“Heavy” is a straight up Rock song with some great guitars by the amazing Soren Andersen (I am a fan) and some drum work that is absolutely incredible…of course it is as it’s Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers (I only think appears on this song not the whole album).

I like the fact that Glenn doesn’t sit still.  He just keeps putting out music.  His most recent work with the band California Breed was a smashing success and this album could be the same.

Give “Heavy” a listen and let me know what you think.

The Afters – ‘Live On Forever’ – Album Review

The Afters are a Christian Pop/Rock Band out of Texas and have been around for over a decade.  If you aren’t familiar with them, you have missed out on some great music and you should go back and give them a listen.  ‘Live On Forever’ is the band’s fifth studio album and was released a little over a week ago by Fair Trade Services (formerly INO Records).

I have had this album on repeat a lot over the past week and it gets better with every listen.  If you like upbeat pop songs with a slight rock edge, then The Afters are what you have been wanting to hear.  The album is full of positive and uplifting songs all with a Christian message.  I always feel good after listening to their music and that is what brings me back time and time again.

The album kicks off with one of my favorite songs they have ever done.  It has a heavy drum beat and a darker, more rock tinged sound.  The song is “Shadows” and will leave you wanting more.  All songs have positive Christian messages, so not going to rehash what each song is trying to say.

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Meat Loaf – ‘Braver Than We Are’ – Album Review

When I first heard that Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman were doing another record I was very excited.  I know they are usually hit and miss records, but when they hit…they hit it out of the park (Bat Out of Hell 1 & 2).  That is why this was a sad album review for me to write. The reason is because one of our great rock vocalist is great no more.  Meat Loaf’s voice is shot.

This is quite possibly the worst album I have ever heard and especially the worst album of the year.  Meat Loaf’s vocals are no where in the same realm of the greatness it was and as a result it turns this album into a sad realization of his future as a singer.  Jim Steinman’s music can’t save the album because when you hear Meat’s voice it actually makes the music sound horrible as well.

There were several female vocalists brought in to accompany Meat, but they don’t sound good enough either to save this album.  There is not one song on this record I will keep in my music library…not a one!

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My Sunday Song – “Live On Forever” by The Afters

For My Sunday Song #7, I chose “Live On Forever” by the The Afters.  The song is off their brand new album, ‘Live On Forever’.  The song for me is a reminder of that faith in Christ will let us live forever even after we have left this world.

I was reading a review of the song on a so-called Christian website and was a little disappointed by the writer.  He stated that he wouldn’t listen to the song because it was to open for interpretation of what religion.  The song didn’t specifically mention Christ or God so could be interpreted to be any religion.  What an idiot.  He is one of the reasons I have a disdain for overly religious people.  It is their way or no way.  Not very Christian of him in my opinion.  Sorry for the rant.

The song is so soothing and so inspirational.  I instantly connected to it when I heard it and it is one of my favorite songs on their new album.  I will do a review of the album later. For now, enjoy the song and have a great Sunday!

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