The Afters – ‘Live On Forever’ – Album Review

The Afters are a Christian Pop/Rock Band out of Texas and have been around for over a decade.  If you aren’t familiar with them, you have missed out on some great music and you should go back and give them a listen.  ‘Live On Forever’ is the band’s fifth studio album and was released a little over a week ago by Fair Trade Services (formerly INO Records).

I have had this album on repeat a lot over the past week and it gets better with every listen.  If you like upbeat pop songs with a slight rock edge, then The Afters are what you have been wanting to hear.  The album is full of positive and uplifting songs all with a Christian message.  I always feel good after listening to their music and that is what brings me back time and time again.

The album kicks off with one of my favorite songs they have ever done.  It has a heavy drum beat and a darker, more rock tinged sound.  The song is “Shadows” and will leave you wanting more.  All songs have positive Christian messages, so not going to rehash what each song is trying to say.

Their current single, “Battles”, is up next and brings a little of their pop sound back and less rock, but it still has a little edge to it.  Jordan Mohilowski’s drums are prevalent again and an important part of the song.  The band crafts great, catchy choruses that makes the songs easy to singalong to and very memorable.  Great song as well.

“Sunrise” is the third song on the album.  It is very formulaic and brings you another catchy chorus.  It is a pure pop song and not really a bad thing, but not my favorite song on the album.  It is kind of bland and it would probably be the only song on the album I will delete.  There is just something missing for me.

They bring the fun back with next song “Time of My Life”.  The song is so upbeat and full of sunshine.  Great sound and so freakin’ catchy.  It is pure pop as well, but this time it works and just makes you feel great.  You catch yourself singing along and looking like a fool when you are driving down the road.  It put me in a good mood.

They slow it back down and become a little more serious with the next song “Wake Up My Heart”.  Joshua Haven’s voice sounds great as it has on all the songs.  They do it again with making a another well crafted chorus.  The Afters do stick to a formula on their song writing as their songs are 3 to 4 minutes and drawn up the same.  They do change them up enough to make them each their own.

“Live on Forever” is another one of my favorite songs on the album and starts off the second half of the album.  I featured it on My Sunday Song post this past weekend.  A very soothing sounding song and I connected with it instantly.  I feel the emotion in Joshua’s voice and you will too.

The pace stays on the slower side again with “Eyes of a Believer”.  It is another emotionally filled song with Joshua’s fantastic vocals.  Jordan’s drums are strong again on this one.  The guitar work and bass work on the album are always great sounding, but don’t seem to be standing out on any one song.  The band is not known for major guitar solos or anything like that.

“Survivors” goes back to their almost perfect song formula of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, etc…  It is a good song overall and I do like it more than “Sunrise” so I will keep it.  We then get in to another of my favorite songs on the album, “Legend”.  Another more rock song with a darker edge to it as I always love.  More great drum work and an outstanding sounding chorus.  Another song you are instantly drawn to and want to hear again and again.

The last song on the album is “When You’re With Me”.  It is a beautiful acoustic song and Joshua’s voice is great yet again and the harmonies with Matt Fuqua are great.  At first I didn’t care for the song because it was so different than the rest of the album, but now that is part of it’s charm.  It is actually a nice way to close out the album.

Band Members:

  • Joshua Havens – lead vocals, keys and guitars
  • Matt Fuqua – vocals and guitars
  • Jordan Mohilowski – drums
  • Dan Ostebo – bass guitar

Track Listing:

  1. “Shadows”- Keeper
  2. “Battles” – Keeper
  3. “Sunrise” – Delete
  4. “Time of My Life” – Keeper
  5. “Wake Up My Heart” – Keeper
  6. “Live on Forever” – Keeper
  7. “Eyes of a Believer” – Keeper
  8. “Survivors” – Keeper
  9. “Legends” – Keeper
  10. “When You’re With Me”- Keeper

9 keepers out 10 songs – 90% (4.5 out 5 stars).  This is my favorite album The Afters have done.  I like that a band that has been around for over a decade keeps getting better rather than stale. There are so many great songs on the album and the whole album had such a positive feel and message that there was no way I wasn’t going to like.  Great job!  Go give it a listen and tell me what you think.

9 thoughts on “The Afters – ‘Live On Forever’ – Album Review

  1. Yet another band I was not familiar with, but I really like their sound. As I commented on one of your previous posts, I continue to be overwhelmed by the immense volume of great new music out there. Couldn’t possibly listen to it all, but it’s nice to have so much to choose from. Great review!

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      1. A late reply, but a reply nonetheless.
        No problem! Thanks for stopping by our site. I love the way you review the albums. I can’t say that I skip any of these songs. At first I skipped “Live On Forever” but only because I had over heard it. But I agree, a fantastic album.
        (“…and *I got my hands on…” That was a silly mistake! (-_\) face palm!)

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