Turntables & Vinyl #3 – Mother Lode

I hit the mother lode last weekend while I was visiting family in Atlanta.  The conversation somehow ended up on Vinyl records and my sister-in-law mentioned she had some old albums laying around.  My brother found the box and in it were 4 albums on my wish list…Def Leppard’s ‘Pyromania’ and ‘Hysteria’; Whitesnake’s self-titled album and Bon Jovi’s ‘Slippery When Wet’.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  Of course, when I left their house, for some reason I left the Bon Jovi album there.  I will make sure to grab it next time I am down.  BTW, they were in phenomenal shape.



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Bon Jovi – Deep Dive Playlist

With the release of a new single, “This House is Not For Sale”, and a new album coming soon, I had to go back and listen to Bon Jovi all over again.  In listening, I started really enjoying the deep album cuts the best as the singles have been so over played over the years.

Despite the shortcomings of their last few albums, I am and will always be a fan.  Even with all the crap going on between Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora.  Bon Jovi, in my opinion, is not Bon Jovi without Richie Sambora.

Anyway, here are my favorite Non-Single tracks in no particular order:

“Blood on Blood” off New Jersey:  If there is one thing Bon Jovi was always great about was telling a great story in the their songs.  This one is my favorite.  The story of brotherhood & friendship.  I have always dreamed about taking this song and turning it into a novel and exploring what would happen if the main character from the song actually did get that “call in the middle of the night”.  The video is a live version of the song, but go back and listen to the album version to capture all the emotions.

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My Sunday Song – “Limitless” by Colton Dixon

My Sunday Song #4: “Limitless” by Colton Dixon was instantly one of my favorite songs by him.  It is off his album ‘Anchor’ which came out in 2014 on Sparrow Records/19 Entertainment.  For those that don’t know, Colton Dixon was on American Idol in Season 11.  He has parlayed that into a very nice music career as a Christian artist.

For me, the song is special as it is a great reminder that without Faith and without God, there are limits to what you can do.  Through God, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish.  We all lose that faith every now and again.  Here is to hoping that you don’t.

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“We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Dee Snider

Dee Snider reimagined “We’re Not Gonna Take It” into a ballad and an acoustic version for charity. The song and video was done to raise awareness for kid’s cancer.  The video was directed by Criss Angel and proceeds will go to Criss Angel’s HELP (Heal Every Life Possible) charity.

It was too good and too important an issue not to share.  If you are moved to, please donate.

Friday New Releases – August 26th

IT IS FRIDAY!!!!  There are a bunch of new releases today and should be something for everyone.  There has been so much going on lately, that this new release Friday I am actually excited about.  There is some Rock, Dance/Pop, Country and so much more.  Let me know what peaks your interest.  My interest are peaked on the ones highlighted in Blue.

On a different note, there are 3 releases out today from Frontiers Music Sri.  My question to them is why in the hell would you release albums from 3 of your artists that are pretty much the same genre on the exact same day????  That perplexes me as people have limited funds to spend on music so by putting them out on the same day, you can’t really expect someone to buy all three or am I wrong.  Plus, supporting all 3 albums with promotions at the same time seems ridiculous.  Can you even give each artist the attention they deserve?  I don’t think so.  Alright, off my soap box.

  • 51YSV4oD7sL._AC_US160_  Michael Sweet – One Sided War – (Rat Pak Records):  Michael Sweet is back with a new solo album and this is the one release this week that will get played first.  Michael has put out so much music over the last couple years and it has all been great whether it was the last couple Stryper Albums (which were heavy) or his release with George Lynch.  His solo stuff has been both on the lighter side and the heavy side.  I think I am hoping for an album more on the rock side this go ’round and if this song is any indication, I might just get what I want.

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Mood Music

Music for me can impact my mood immensely.  When I am angry, I like to listen to heavy metal music and it tends to improve my mood.  My Road Rage Playlist gets played a lot when I am stuck in traffic.  When I am in a really good mood, I like to listen to upbeat pop music or go to my favorite hard rock music.  Both improve my mood even more.

At night before bed, I like to have music playing.  Some nights I just want to listen to instrumental music – no lyrics as I don’t want to think about anything.  I love to play The Piano Guys, 2 Cellos, Lindsey Stirling, or David Garrett.  Other nights I will do Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John 5 or other master guitar players.  And still others I will play either my 80’s playlist or 90’s playlist.  All relax me in different ways, but the end result is the same, I will fall asleep.

Music also makes you feel nostalgic and can take you back to a special time or place. When I hear the song “Panama” by Van Halen I think back to high school and when we took our senior trip to the Redneck Riviera, Panama City Beach, we would also crank up Whitesnake & Def Leppard.

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Her 1st Vinyl – Shawn Mendes ‘Handwritten’

My 9 year old daughter was upset that my 12 year old daughter (at the time) got a vinyl album and she didn’t get one.  She kept asking me when she was going to get an album. She then when on to say that she wants the Shawn Mendes album.

I should have guessed as several weeks earlier, she was looking through one of her sister’s magazines and inside was a poster of Shawn Mendes and she went crazy.  She unfolded it and started kissing it!!!  It was so cute, but scary for me as well since now I realize she knows what boys are and that you kiss them!  As I was laughing at the sight of her kissing the poster on the outside, I was screaming on the inside.

Lo and behold, we were at the mall last weekend and what did we come across…Shawn Mendes’ album ‘Handwritten’.  I surprised her and told her I would buy it for her.  She was so excited.

I wanted to write this to document for her, the very first vinyl record she would own.  The cool part of it is the fact that it was a special edition Blue Vinyl.  It looks really cool and you can actually see through the album.  There is a mini poster of him inside, but I told her it need to stay in the album so it didn’t get messed up.  The other reason was I didn’t want her kissing all over it.

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My Sunday Song – “Clear” by Needtobreathe

On my third My Sunday Song, I am going with the new song “Clear” by Needtobreathe off their latest album HARDLOVE.  This is an epic, almost 7 minute love song.  It has a beautiful, almost magical sound.

Bo Rhinehart stated in an article (by Sophia Pagliawan for celebmix.com):

When I first wrote ‘CLEAR’, it felt almost like a wedding song, but it ended up becoming something deeper than that,” says Bo. “Instead of some fairy-tale, dreamlike thing, it’s more about the focus and clarity of realizing what’s most important to you in the world.”

When I listen to it, it makes me think of my wife and 2 beautiful daughters.  For me, those are the most important things in my world.  With that, I dedicate this to them.

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New Metallica Song – “Hardwired”

I missed this last night, but Metallica has a new song called “Hardwired” off their upcoming album ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’.  The new album will be released on November 18th!

I have never been a huge Metallica fan, but at times they do have some brilliance so I always check out their music when released.  Their last album, which was 8 years ago, was ‘Death Magnetic’ which I didn’t really enjoy.  So hoping for better on the new album.

The new song isn’t bad, but only heard it twice so far.  It is definitely fast and hard!  More like old school Metallica in my opinion. Let me know what you think.

Friday New Releases – August 19th

Friday is finally here!  Work has been so busy, but we are done with our current project and I can hopefully not stress so much for a little bit.  To unwind I always listen to music and their are a couple I am really interested in and they are quite polar opposites of each other.  On one side is Lindsey Stirling and the other is Trapt.  Not even close to the same genre, but equally excited about both.  All my interests, as normal, are marked in blue.

  • 51vv4Gxv5ZL._AC_US160_  Lindsey Stirling – Brave Enough – (Lindseystomp Records):  This classical crossover sensation is back with her 3rd album.  Her violin playing is exceptional.  As a quarterfinalists on America’s Got Talent, she has gone on to such bigger and better things and I am now a huge fan.  Can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us.

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