Lifehouse – Deep Dive Playlist

Lifehouse has been around since 1999 when they were known as Blyss, but it was their debut album under the name Lifehouse in 2000 that made them stars.  The album was ‘No Name Face’ and the song was “Hanging By a Moment” that brought them to my attention.  They have quietly been releasing albums ever since and now have 7 studio albums.

I think part of my enjoyment of the band is due to Jude Cole.  One of my all time favorite albums is by him called “A View From 3rd Street”.  Jude has been producing and writing songs with them for most of their career (around 2005) and that has shown through in the maturity of the songs and albums.

They finally released a greatest hits compilation back on July 14th, 2017 and it was pretty good as it had 18 tracks.  However, it was missing several songs that are better than some of the ones on the compilation.  So I figured why don’t I do a deep dive and give you the non-singles I think are the best.  I hope you enjoy.  They are in no particular order except my #1 favorite song is the last one on the list!

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Bon Jovi – Deep Dive Playlist

With the release of a new single, “This House is Not For Sale”, and a new album coming soon, I had to go back and listen to Bon Jovi all over again.  In listening, I started really enjoying the deep album cuts the best as the singles have been so over played over the years.

Despite the shortcomings of their last few albums, I am and will always be a fan.  Even with all the crap going on between Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora.  Bon Jovi, in my opinion, is not Bon Jovi without Richie Sambora.

Anyway, here are my favorite Non-Single tracks in no particular order:

“Blood on Blood” off New Jersey:  If there is one thing Bon Jovi was always great about was telling a great story in the their songs.  This one is my favorite.  The story of brotherhood & friendship.  I have always dreamed about taking this song and turning it into a novel and exploring what would happen if the main character from the song actually did get that “call in the middle of the night”.  The video is a live version of the song, but go back and listen to the album version to capture all the emotions.

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Def Leppard – Deep Dive Playlist

Def Leppard is my all time favorite band. I have everything they have ever put out musically for both albums and DVDs.  I have seen them in concert at least 6 times, but I hate I missed their Las Vegas Viva Hysteria show (have it on DVD though but not the same).

They have 2 Diamond Albums (sold more than 10 million copies) – Pyromania and Hysteria.  I don’t think there are many bands that can say they even have one.  Everyone loves their songs “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Photograph” and I certainly do as well.

However, the reason I am a fan is because their non-single songs.  They can be just as good or even better than their singles.  We are going to dive into their Deep Cuts and I will let you know what I find to be their best Non-Singles.  I hope you enjoy.

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