Def Leppard – Deep Dive Playlist

Def Leppard is my all time favorite band. I have everything they have ever put out musically for both albums and DVDs.  I have seen them in concert at least 6 times, but I hate I missed their Las Vegas Viva Hysteria show (have it on DVD though but not the same).

They have 2 Diamond Albums (sold more than 10 million copies) – Pyromania and Hysteria.  I don’t think there are many bands that can say they even have one.  Everyone loves their songs “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Photograph” and I certainly do as well.

However, the reason I am a fan is because their non-single songs.  They can be just as good or even better than their singles.  We are going to dive into their Deep Cuts and I will let you know what I find to be their best Non-Singles.  I hope you enjoy.

“White Lightning” from Adrenalize (1992) – On 3 albums straight, starting with Pyromania, Def Leppard had an epic song that was from 6 to 7 minutes long.  All 3 are on this list.  “White Lightning” is about struggling with addiction and is in memory of the late, great Steve Clark (their former guitarist who died from alcohol addiction whose nickname was White Lightning).  I can’t remember where I read or heard that so I hope it is true.

“We Belong” from Def Leppard (2015) – Now I have this as a deep cut, but I guess they could release this as a single since the album is still relatively new.  I love this song as I believe it is the first song where most, if not all, of the members of the band sing a part of the song.  They all sound great together and they should as their voices have always blended nicely together during the live shows when the all sing the choruses.

“Torn to Shreds” from X (2002) – I absolutely loved this album and this was one of the bright spots for me.  A great power ballad and the guitar sound on the song was a little different and added nicely to the tone of the song.  I like how it starts off slow and then gets loud then immediately slows down when Joe starts singing.  It goes back and forth like this for the whole song which added to my enjoyment.

“From the Inside” from Retroactive (1993) – This was a B-side originally on the single for “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad”.  The song is about drug addiction and it is from the viewpoint of the drugs which is so unique and such a different perspective that it immediately became a favorite of mine.

“Lady Strange” from High & Dry (1981) – I love the guitar work on this album and this song especially.  Steve Clark and Pete Willis outdid themselves.  Such great riffs and all around solid rock song.  Did I mention, I like the guitars on this song.

“Love and Affection” from Hysteria (1987) – It was hard to find a song from Hysteria that wasn’t released as a single, but this is one.  This was another power ballad that could have easily been released and be a big hit for them.  But I they had already released 7 singles and I guess couldn’t do anymore.  Too bad…still one of my favorites off the album.

“Mirror, Mirror (Look into My Eyes)” from High & Dry (1981) – I really enjoyed the darkness of the lyrics and the emotion of the song.  The flow of the whole album was amazing thanks to the producer, Mutt Lange.

“Die Hard the Hunter”from Pyromania (1983) – Another one of Def Leppard’s epic songs.  I tried to see what I could find on the meaning of the song, but couldn’t find much.  To me the song is about a soldier coming back from war and battling his own personal demons. The intense feeling of the song just kept me drawn in and made it one of my favorites off the album.

“Gods of War” from Hysteria (1987) – The last of the 3 epic songs that Def Leppard has done.  This song is about world leaders thirst for war and has soundbites from then President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher mixed in throughout the song.  This was a pretty big political statement for the band and I thought they worked it into a great sounding song.

“Invincible” from Def Leppard (2015) – Again another song that could get released as a single off their latest album, but I am going to list anyway.  Their most recent release isn’t one of my favorites but it is starting to grow on me a little.  However, I have always been drawn to this song since I heard the album.  It is a typical Def Leppard style song and nothing reinvented here, but I like it and I am glad they are still putting out songs that I want to hear.  And I do like how the song starts out with such a strong bass line.

“Scar” from X (2002) – This song almost qualifies as an epic song for them with a running time of just over 5 minutes.  The song seems to be about a very bad relationship and a lot of damage that was left behind and I can feel it throughout the song.

“Love” from Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (2008) – Def Leppard is great at the power ballad and this is no exception.  It starts off with just Joe’s voice and an acoustic guitar and later they throw in the drums and a nice electric guitar solo.  A little different style than their previous ballads, but it works.

I really can’t say enough good things about this band and what they have meant to me for most of my life.  I have always been drawn to their music and still listen to them regularly after being a fan for around 35 years.  Their songs never get old and have a timeless feel to them.  I hope you find something on here that you like.  Let me know if you have any deep cuts that you like by them.


28 thoughts on “Def Leppard – Deep Dive Playlist

  1. Wow, “Torn to Shreds” is a great song; I forgot about that one! I’m glad you brought up “White Lightning,” “Gods of War” and “Die Hard the Hunter” because those are great tracks as well. They played the latter at their most recent Vegas residency and they still sound great. It’s only a matter of time before they bring back “White Lightning” and “Die Hard the Hunter” to their setlist (they played “Gods of War” at the O2, but I’m not sure if they played it after that). Also, I heard that Rick Allen helped write “Invincible,” so that track has grown on me.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw that post, but I thought it was just a release for old interviews and footage (on vinyl, CD, etc).

        Update: I just signed up and the boys looked so adorable in the video on the site lol. But can’t wait to receive an email to unlock some stuff! Thanks for making me do a double take on that one!

        I’m guessing you signed up already?

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            1. They will have that as well as costumes/clothing, equipment and I bet a lot of behind the scenes photos and pictures. And probably all the merch they have ever licensed out. At least if you are going to do it right, you need to include all those things.

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                  1. That sounds awesome. Also, about the Def Leppard collection, I heard there are four volumes. If the only studio albums they have left are X, Yeah!, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge, and the self-titled Def Leppard (possibly for volume 3), what could be in volume 4?

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                    1. I heard the 4 volumes as well. I have no idea what that 4th one could be. We should find out about Volume 3 soon as it was supposed to be 2020, but they pushed it back. My guess is it is finished and they are waiting for the right time…well, now is the right time.

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                    2. Heck yeah it is. I really want volume 2 though because the bonus material seems more worth the price than for volume 1. If I do decide to get volume 3 (when it comes out), I wanna hear what other people have to say about it first. Plus Songs from the Sparkle Lounge isn’t exactly my cup of tea!

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