Friday New Releases – August 19th

Friday is finally here!  Work has been so busy, but we are done with our current project and I can hopefully not stress so much for a little bit.  To unwind I always listen to music and their are a couple I am really interested in and they are quite polar opposites of each other.  On one side is Lindsey Stirling and the other is Trapt.  Not even close to the same genre, but equally excited about both.  All my interests, as normal, are marked in blue.

  • 51vv4Gxv5ZL._AC_US160_  Lindsey Stirling – Brave Enough – (Lindseystomp Records):  This classical crossover sensation is back with her 3rd album.  Her violin playing is exceptional.  As a quarterfinalists on America’s Got Talent, she has gone on to such bigger and better things and I am now a huge fan.  Can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us.

  • 51TU8lpsvCL._AC_US160_  Trapt – DNA – (Crash Collide Records):  This is their 7th studio album (6 if you only count label releases).  They haven’t been able to repeat the success of their first single “Headstrong”, but I still have enjoyed them over the years and look forward to their new offering as well.

  • url-2  A Day to Remember – Bad Vibrations – (ADTR Records):  I am not very familiar with this band, but I heard the song “Paranoia” and now I want to hear what they are all about.  I might even go to their back catalog and see if there are things I like.

  • 250x250  Aaron Gillespie – Out of the Badlands – (Tooth & Nail):  Aaron was the lead singer of The Almost and I have been a fan of his solo work as well.  After hearing “You Don’t Love Me Anymore”, I am eager to check his new one out.

  • 51YP+QNqzML._AC_US160_  Amos Lee – Spirit – (Republic):  A singer/songwriter, Amos Lee, has a really cool vibe about him that I like.  Not too familiar with his songs, but I think I am going to enjoy discovering his music both new and old songs.

  • 61l2Y6mdP3L._AC_US160_  Sabaton – The Last Stand – (Nuclear Blast America)
  • 41L9RguFMwL._AC_US160_  Faith No More – We Care a Lot – (PIAS)
  • 517AHLpyC0L._AC_US160_  Soilwork – Death Resonance – (Nuclear Blast America)
  • 61A48QdEV2L._AC_US160_  Kiefer Sutherland – Down in A Hole – (Warner Music Nashville)
  • 61C0Txheg+L._AC_US160_  One Less Reason – The Memories Uninvited – (Tattooed Millionaire Entertainment)
  • 61-NJfXHAjL._AC_US160_  Watsky – X Infinity – (Steel Wool / Obe)
  • 51Kr-D3eWML._AC_US160_  French Montana – MC4 – (Epic Records Group)
  • 61LbAVE26fL._AC_US160_  Dolly Parton – Pure & Simple – (Sony Music Nashville)

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