Her 1st Vinyl – Shawn Mendes ‘Handwritten’

My 9 year old daughter was upset that my 12 year old daughter (at the time) got a vinyl album and she didn’t get one.  She kept asking me when she was going to get an album. She then when on to say that she wants the Shawn Mendes album.

I should have guessed as several weeks earlier, she was looking through one of her sister’s magazines and inside was a poster of Shawn Mendes and she went crazy.  She unfolded it and started kissing it!!!  It was so cute, but scary for me as well since now I realize she knows what boys are and that you kiss them!  As I was laughing at the sight of her kissing the poster on the outside, I was screaming on the inside.

Lo and behold, we were at the mall last weekend and what did we come across…Shawn Mendes’ album ‘Handwritten’.  I surprised her and told her I would buy it for her.  She was so excited.

I wanted to write this to document for her, the very first vinyl record she would own.  The cool part of it is the fact that it was a special edition Blue Vinyl.  It looks really cool and you can actually see through the album.  There is a mini poster of him inside, but I told her it need to stay in the album so it didn’t get messed up.  The other reason was I didn’t want her kissing all over it.

IMG_0899 (1)

I am not familiar with much of his music, but do know the song “Stitches” on the album that was very popular.  I guess it is pretty popular as it has over 500 million views on Youtube.

Track Listing:

  1. “Life of the Party”
  2. “Stitches”
  3. “Never Be Alone”
  4. “Kid in Love”
  5. “I don’t Even Know Your Name”
  6. “Something Big”
  7. “Strings”
  8. “Aftertaste”
  9. “Air” feat. Astrid S
  10. “Crazy”
  11. “A Little Too Much”
  12. “This Is What It Takes”

I hope she enjoys it for years to come and remembers it as her first album!!

4 thoughts on “Her 1st Vinyl – Shawn Mendes ‘Handwritten’

  1. Eek! at the kissing the poster part. “Stitches” is one of the songs that the local radio station has played seemingly a million times since we’ve been able to listen to music at work. I know that one very well.

    That’s cool that she got a vinyl album too. She might get the “bug” that obviously you and I got when we were younger about getting music.

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  2. A very sweet post, John. Ah, young crushes on teenage celebrities! I personally don’t care for Shawn’s voice or style of pop, but he seems like a decent guy and certainly a good role model for your daughter (better than Justin Bieber).

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