My Sunday Song – “Shine” by Collective Soul

For My Sunday Song #171, we are now going to spend the next 10 weeks talking about songs from another favorite band of mine, Collective Soul.  And why not kick it off with the song that jump started the band to stardom…”Shine”.  The song was the debut single of the band and their debut album ‘Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid’.  The song came out in 1993 and was such a big hit for them as it went #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as winning a Billboard Award for Top Rock Track in 1994.

The song also caused problems for the band that were unexpected.  First was the fact the song mentioned the word Heaven in the song and the chorus does come across as very church-like and almost sounding like a prayer.  This caused people to think the band was a so called “Christian” band and let me tell you they are not.  They are a genuine article rock band who happened to sing a song with heaven in the title. As Ed Roland likes to point out, Led Zeppelin had “heaven” in one of their songs and no one called them a Christian band.  It did pigeoned-holed the band a little to be lumped in to Christian music.

The second problem was due to the song sounding like a Grunge song with its distorted guitar sounds and dark feel of the song.  This was slab dab in the middle of that era and I can see why people thought they were a Grunge band as I even labeled them as that when I heard it.  But when you really listen to the band, it is not all dark, sad, depressing music like Grunge (you know its true – Grunge is pretty damn depressing, not fun at all music).  It is a solid rock album.

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Tuesday’s Memes – Stryper

With Stryper releasing a new album soon called “God Damn Evil”, it is time to have a little fun with them. I have always been a fan, but they can be easy to poke fun of so that is what we are going to do.  Now I hope I don’t get struck down by lightning for doing this, but I think God has a sense of humor – he created Trump right!!!  Oh yeah, and the platypus.  I hope you enjoy!!!

Okay, the resemblance is uncanny so let’s get to it…Ted Cruz and Michael Sweet – separated at birth???


Yes, you either like Christian Rock or you don’t…I do so get over it.





What do you think Grumpy Cat??


And the Rock???


To Hell With the Devil!!!


Things that make you go hmmm??


I love Jesus Music!!  This is me on Sunday!!




Colton Dixon – Identity (Deluxe Edition – 2017) – Album Review

Colton Dixon is one of the rising stars in the Christian genre.  As everyone always has to mention, he is a former American Idol contestant who finished in 7th place on Season 11. Now on his third album, the maturity and vocal talent are hitting their peak. Colton has been growing with each release and ‘Identity’ shows definitely shows that growth.

‘Identity’ is a very ambitious album for this young singer.  The Deluxe Edition is a startling 17 tracks and is a loosely based concept album.  I say loosely as the album doesn’t tell a story from beginning to end, but appears to be broken into three parts with the songs representing that theme.  The three themes are “The Mind”, “The Body” and “The Spirit”.

“The Mind”

The first part of the album is “The Mind”.  The album starts off with the Interlude called “The Mind” which is an instrumental piece with angel like voiceovers by a female and male voiceover giving you the theme of the section.  It is actually quite great.  The song transitions seamlessly into the title track “Identity”.  The four songs in this section are all pop songs that in one shape or another are representative of the mind.

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MercyMe – Lifer (2017) – Album Review

For those that don’t know, MercyMe is a Christian rock/pop band out of Texas who have been tearing up the Christian charts since 2001.  You might know them and not know it. Back in 2001, they had a crossover hit to mainstream radio with the song “I Can Only Imagine”.  This was the song that introduced me to the band and has made me a fan ever since.

Back on March 31, 2017, MercyMe has brought us their 8th studio album (this does not include the 6 independent releases they had before signing with a major label).  Their new album ‘Lifer’ has another batch of catchy songs that celebrate Christ, and life in general, but in a way that does not feel preachy.  It actually feels fun and not slammed down your throat. ‘Lifer’ is really a party album that will make you dance, celebrate and might actually make you feel good.

With the way modern radio is, we probably won’t see another Christian crossover song and that is a crying shame.  I preach about this on every Christian album I review.  The mainstream media won’t play Christian music because it is taboo for some reason.  They feel Christian music should be relegated to the Christian only radio stations.  My problem with that is people are missing good music…sorry…GREAT MUSIC!!!  Who cares if the topic is God or Jesus or anything Christian.  The message is way better than the crap that is being played right now.  The world could use a little positivity right about now.  It is always doom and gloom.  Sorry…Got off topic there for a second.  Please forgive me.

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My Sunday Song – “My Victory” by Crowder

My Sunday Song #8 is off the brand new album by Crowder called ‘American Prodigal’.  The song is called “My Victory” and I instantly fell in love with this song.  There is a line in the song that is so powerful.  The lyric is “A cross meant to kill is my victory”.  That line just sums everything up for me.

As a result, I had to share this song with you this weekend.  With all that has gone on this week here in Charlotte with the riots & protests, we need a positive message and we definitely need a victory.  I hope this song finds a place into your heart.

Remember to love one another and that violence is never the answer.

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The Afters – ‘Live On Forever’ – Album Review

The Afters are a Christian Pop/Rock Band out of Texas and have been around for over a decade.  If you aren’t familiar with them, you have missed out on some great music and you should go back and give them a listen.  ‘Live On Forever’ is the band’s fifth studio album and was released a little over a week ago by Fair Trade Services (formerly INO Records).

I have had this album on repeat a lot over the past week and it gets better with every listen.  If you like upbeat pop songs with a slight rock edge, then The Afters are what you have been wanting to hear.  The album is full of positive and uplifting songs all with a Christian message.  I always feel good after listening to their music and that is what brings me back time and time again.

The album kicks off with one of my favorite songs they have ever done.  It has a heavy drum beat and a darker, more rock tinged sound.  The song is “Shadows” and will leave you wanting more.  All songs have positive Christian messages, so not going to rehash what each song is trying to say.

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My Sunday Song – “Never Too Far Gone” by Jordan Feliz

For My Sunday Song #6, I wanted to showcase the new video by Jordan Feliz for his song “Never Too Far Gone”.  The video came out this past Friday and any chance I get to talk about Jordan Feliz, I am going to take it.  I have become a huge fan of Jordan after listening to his album ‘The River’ (see album review here). It is one of my favorite albums of the year.  He is a great songwriter and sings with such emotion that you instantly connect to his songs.

My take on the song is that no matter what you have done or how far you may have strayed from God, that you are never far from His grace and love.  That for me is encouraging to know that He is always there for me.

If you want the actual meaning of the song, I found a great interview with Jordan Feliz on the website that discusses what the song means to him.  The song stems from the loss of one child to the birth of another.  Jordan states:

“I was overwhelmed by holding my daughter for the first time and by the presence of God in that moment, knowing that I had been so frustrated, and the things I had said to Him in my brokenness with our lost baby. It doesn’t matter where you are going, where you’ve been, or what you’ve said, there is absolutely nothing that will separate you from the love of Jesus.”

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My Sunday Song – “How Great Thou Art” performed by Carrie Underwood (dedicated to my Mother)

For My Sunday Song #5, I chose “How Great Thou Art”.  Last week was one of the hardest weeks of my life.  My mother passed away last Sunday and went on to a better place where she can watch down upon us and protect us forever as a mother always does.  This song was sung during her funeral and for that reason, I am dedicating this post to her.  She was loved very much and will certainly be missed.  I feel a little piece of me is now lost, but at the same time I feel her presence with me.

My favorite version of this song was performed by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill and the song will hold a special place in my heart forever. It was one of the most powerful performances of this song I have ever seen and it moved my to tears as I was listening to it again for this post.  With that, I will leave you with the song to enjoy and these final words…I Love You Mom!!

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My Sunday Song – “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real

For this episode of My Sunday Song, we are doing the song “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real.  Sanctus Real is a christian rock band out of Toledo, Ohio.  “Lead Me” is off the album ‘Pieces of the Real Heart’ which was released in 2010 on Sparrow Records.

There is an article from 2010 about the meaning behind the song at  The song is about how the lead singer, Mark Hammitt, could be a better man to his family and children.  Mark states the following in the article:

“My wife and I aren’t shy about sharing that we’ve had some pretty major struggles,” admits Matt after his wife implored him to be a better spiritual leader in the family. “I think the challenge for me in the song, and hopefully for other men as well, is every time I hear it, every time I sing it, I ask myself, ‘what kind of man am I?’ Not yesterday, not tomorrow, what kind of man am I today? Have I invested in my family emotionally, spiritually the way that God has called me to reach out to them and to lead them.”

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My Sunday Song – “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

Welcome to “My Sunday Song”.  Every Sunday, I am now going to feature a song that moves me in someway.  It will have a positive message and most likely have a strong religious message.  I feel the world could always use something positive.

My first song is “Thy Will”.  It is off the brand new album by Hillary Scott & the Scott Family called ‘Love Remains’.  I featured the video on Friday New Releases, but I hadn’t really listened to the song until this past Monday.

Hillary’s voice was so beautiful and the words were so moving that I wanted to hear it again and again.  When a song touches me in someway, I have to hit repeat and I ended up listening to the song many, many times on the drive home from work.

There was a verse in it the song that struck me as so true and I know I have done it before as well probably have all of you.  The verse was “Sometimes I gotta stop, Remember that you’re God and I am not.”  I thought that was such a powerful statement.

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