The Top 10 Overused Song Titles

I was going through my iTunes music library and damn there are a lot of repeat song titles.  Always looking for new post ideas, it hit me.  What are the most over used song titles?  Now I have a post idea and so I am going to bring you the Top 10 Overused Song Titles in music…or at least my musical library.

Now there were several that barely missed the cut.  They were the following titles: “Free”, “Forever”, “Without You”, each with 12 titles in my library.  And several with 11 songs including “Stand Up”, “Someday”, “Scream” and “Save Me”…a lot starting with “S” apparently.

10. “You”:  I have 12 different songs in my library with this title.  The artists are rather varied with The Afters, Black Stone Cherry, Bonnie Raitt, Buckcherry, Candlebox, Collective Soul, Elliott Yamin, Gotthard, Marvin Gaye, Richie Kotzen, Safetysuit and Keith Urban.

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My Sunday Song – “The Other Side” by Colton Dixon

For My Sunday Song # 37, I chose “The Other Side” by Colton Dixon.  The song is off his new album “Identity” and if you haven’t heard it, be prepared to be impacted.  Colton is a former American Idol contestant who has found his calling in Christian Music.  This is his third album and it is an ambitious album to say the least.  I believe he has delivered a stellar collection of songs (See review HERE).

The song, “The Other Side”, has impacted me greatly.  The song is about not fearing death and how beautiful the other side is after death.  Here is Colton and his wife discussing the meaning behind the song.

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My Sunday Song – “Live On Forever” by The Afters

For My Sunday Song #7, I chose “Live On Forever” by the The Afters.  The song is off their brand new album, ‘Live On Forever’.  The song for me is a reminder of that faith in Christ will let us live forever even after we have left this world.

I was reading a review of the song on a so-called Christian website and was a little disappointed by the writer.  He stated that he wouldn’t listen to the song because it was to open for interpretation of what religion.  The song didn’t specifically mention Christ or God so could be interpreted to be any religion.  What an idiot.  He is one of the reasons I have a disdain for overly religious people.  It is their way or no way.  Not very Christian of him in my opinion.  Sorry for the rant.

The song is so soothing and so inspirational.  I instantly connected to it when I heard it and it is one of my favorite songs on their new album.  I will do a review of the album later. For now, enjoy the song and have a great Sunday!

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